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concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public

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The collection features an array of beach dresses, sarongs, kimono cover-ups etc.
But now the cover-up is unravelling as documents withheld from the jury are leaked.
The current Pope was known as John Paul II's rottweiler and enforced "Crimen Sollicitationis" that created the systemic cover-up.
Sure, they could still try to suppress rumors--and there were plenty of denials, cover-ups, and couch-jumping displays of heterosexuality to go around--but 2006 was the year closet-case celebs were put on notice: Proceed at your own risk.
A cover-up can't stop the harmful rays filtering through the fabric, unless it's made of some kind of scientific fibre, but it can certainly delay the process.
Since the media and the world love to publish and hear shocking news that embarrasses the Catholic Church, and since there is a law that requires the reporting of juvenile sexual abuse, and since the earlier sex scandals involving priests and juveniles were made worse by neglect, cover-up, pay-off, and the like, one naturally wonders, Why?
ONCE again the Ministry of Defence has been caught out in a series of lies and cover-ups over the appalling treatment of its troops as medical guinea pigs.
And, our great selection of cover-ups really makes that experience a lot of fun as women can build a warm-weather wardrobe around their swimsuits
Stylish, Colorful, Character-Themed Ensembles Include Matching Cover-Ups, Sandals, Sun Hats And Totes - For Fashionable Kids On The Go
President Carlos Ghosn said Friday the Japanese automaker will stick to strict disciplinary measures, including swift dismissals of officials involved in vehicle defect cover-ups.
TEPCO announced the punishments along with a report on in-house investigations into 29 alleged cover-up cases, which admitted that 16 of the 29 cases -- such as falsified reports on defects -- were unacceptable in light of ''social common sense.
TEPCO) is considering punishing around 10 executives, including a managing director, by demoting them or cutting their pay over a damage cover-up scandal, company sources said Thursday.
MMC), its first such approval following a major MMC recall cover-up scandal, ministry officials said.
In the wake of the government's investigation into the collapse of Enron, Integrity Interactive Corporation announced a new Web-based corporate compliance course that teaches employees about the serious consequences of a cover-up and the key strategies for stopping cover-ups before they start.
The Internet TV show The Investigators reveals updates on the American Red Cross's alleged cover-up of dangerously inadequate blood screening techniques that potentially contaminated the nation's blood supply with HIV, hepatitis, and other deadly diseases.