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a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

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It may be necessary to push down on the cover slip or dilute the sample, either of which could cause flocculation, which is one of the things that you would be evaluating.
Biofilms were grown on borosilicate cover slips in 50 ml Falcon tubes as described earlier.
Air-dried plant pollen was shaken from flowers, some part of it was applied on the slide and covered with a cover slip overlaid with liquefied glycerine jelly.
Abundance estimates for 2010 are roughly equivalent to the 1965 estimates and are based on the number of organisms counted in 15 drops of water in each of 26 samples: abundant, 4 or morespecimens /coverslip: common, 2-3 specimens/per coverslip: uncommon, 5-15 specimens/15 cover slips; rare, fewer than 5 specimens/15 cover slips.
A sterilized cover slip was carefully inserted at an angle of about 45- into a solidified medium in a petridish so that half of the coverslip was in the medium.
Samples were wet sanded and polished with 400 and 600 grit silicon carbide abrasive papers (Mager Scientific, Dexter, MI) until ink on the glass cover slips began to wear, indicating a thickness matching that of the cover slip.
Further grinding reduced the specimen to the final thickness and a cover slip was then placed on the slide.
Each part was made into spot squash by pressing it on the slide through cover slip.
But he mysteriously let his cover slip in 2005 when he visited Marbella and was nabbed by Spanish police.
Such substances include calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD), which causes pseudogout, hemoglobin breakdown product, cholesterol, hydroxyapatite, and pieces of broken glass from the cover slip.
When they applied a cover slip to a smeared sample, researchers saw that some thicker areas of particle clusters existed.
CUN-BEDAZZLED: This sexy actress let her cover slip on the beach
Tissue sections were visualized on a Bio-Rad confocal microscope at 200X magnification after the application of 15-20 [micro]L of Vectashield mountant (Sigma) and a cover slip.
5-[micro]m-diameter latex beads ("microspheres") that were then dispensed onto the surface of a glass cover slip coated with mouse monoclonal anti-BSA antibodies.