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a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

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Our joint venture business will combine local raw material sourcing, local production and local applications support a big win for this market at a time when demand has been surging for products incorporating LCDs and specialty cover glasses," said Jai Subramanian, Global Business Manager, Ferro Electronic Materials.
Currently, Optics Balzers is able to provide cover glasses with B-staged epoxy lines as narrow as 500 m and with a minimum adhesive thickness of 10 m.
Easy-to-clean, water resistant coating: Special coating makes Gorilla glass easier to clean than other cover glasses, making it easy to remove dust, dirt, or other elements.
BALZERS, Liechtenstein -- Oerlikon Optics is a leading supplier of cover glasses to the semiconductor packaging industry and is well known for the outstanding cleanliness of its coatings.
From cover glasses for large format professional displays in public places to protective glasses for smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks and even control panels and displays in automobiles, the company offers many different solutions.
This is the first coating that allows for anti-reflective cover glasses for professional touch displays that are protected against fingerprints and other soiling.