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a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

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A large number of cover glass with a built-in touch sensor can be manufactured at a time by neatly arranging touch sensors on a large sheet of chemically strengthened glass and cutting the glass into pieces of the intended size.
To provide customers this added value, we decided to add optically bonded cover glass to our product line as a standard offering, thus increasing the Crystal Touch product options available to customers.
Revenue of Major Cover Glass Manufacturers, 2011-2012
Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading damage resistance, toughness, and scratch resistance customers have come to expect from the world's most widely deployed cover glass.
Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is the next generation of the widely deployed damage-resistant cover glass for consumer electronic devices.
Glass_Manufacturing Industry : Global Toughened Display Cover Glass Industry
As our customers drive toward thinner form factors, Corning has worked to deliver an even-thinner cover glass solution, while maintaining industry-leading damage resistance, toughness, and scratch resistance.
Demand for advanced encapsulation systems is just not that great at the present time on account of the ability of rigid cover glass systems to meet encapsulation requirements now and over the next several years.
A key feature of Corning's CES exposure will be the introduction of Corning([R]) Gorilla([R]) Glass 2, the next generation of the popular, damage-resistant cover glass for consumer electronic devices.
Optically bonded cover glass eliminates the air gap between the cover glass and the LCD, which eliminates the internal reflections from the inside surface of the cover glass and the surface of the LCD.
Their coverage includes the entire Supply Chain for the Glass substrate, Cover glass, Touch panel, Tablet, LCD TV, Monitor, NBPC, Smartphone and OEMs/ODMs.
Exhibit 4-7: Cover Glass Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
TPK is most competitive in touch screen and LCD panel as well as the mounting yield of cover glass, which brings along the higher revenue that includes the sales from LCD panels.
We are very pleased to demonstrate our new under cover glass biometric solution and showcase our leadership.
ARC Energy's CHES500 Furnace, the world's largest automated production sapphire furnace, capable of producing single-crystal sapphire boules, which are the largest crack-free sapphire crystals in the world and are used in LED lighting and cell phone cover glass.