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a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model

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Bernardo made her debut as cover girl for the magazine back in January 2015 as an 18-year-old.
Oh how we adore our Cover Girls here at NAW, and we know you do too.
Lui Magazine is known for racy photos and has previously made Rihanna as their cover girl that made her expose some of her private parts.
HOCHMAN: Cover Girl has always been about enhancing what you already have so you can continue to "Rock Your Cover Girl.
Your face will be soon be plastered on every commemorative plate, mug and tea towel that being a cover girl on a trashy US gossip rag will be the least of your worries.
The 22-year-old beauty was unveiled as cover girl on "The Late Show With David Letterman.
The cover girl of this American Dream is still Barbie, Mattel's most successful product line, which garners approximately $1.
IF EVER proof was needed how all-powerful the aura of celebrity is we only need to examine the FHM Sexiest women list which has Coleen Mc Loughlin, girlfriend of Wayne Rooney and latest Vogue cover girl no less, in its top 25.
The light of screen legend Hayworth shines brightly once more in this lavish four-disc box set including a quartet of her films ( You Were Never Lovelier, Cover Girl, Gilda and Pal Joey ( showcasing her talents as an actress, singer, dancer and comedienne.
According to Teen Research Unlimited, a research company that keeps close tabs on teens, Cover Girl is among the favorite brands of the under-20 set.
Many of you on the Web have played the Guess the CURVE Cover Girl Contest on the CURVE bulletin boards, where we post a series of clues and the first person to correctly identify the future cover girl is declared the winner of some very cool stuff
Cosmetic giants Cover Girl hope to tempt back their former star beauty with an ad campaign designed especially for her.
Cuando hace menos de 10 anos una amiga (de esas fanaticas de firmas) me pregunto si habia usado Cover Girl, realmente me senti como fuera de onda.
After 32 years of defining beauty standards with mostly blue-eyed blonde models, such as Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs, Cover Girl is sporting a fresh new face--that of tawny-toned model Lana Ogilvie--and courting a brand new customer: the African-American woman.