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a fixed charge by a restaurant or nightclub over and above the charge for food and drink

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And it's tough for gay drinkers, with popular haunts The George and The Dragon introducing cover charges.
While some tents require a minimum spend, others have a flat cover charge per head.
Cover charge ranges from $3 to $5 weeknights, a little more on weekends.
But compromise deals on opening hours were thrashed out for all three venues without the need for cover charges.
It's' got great writing that often involves some research, such as the "Loser's Guide to San Diego: Spot '#57," "Dates from Hell," and "Bounced: Even Serial Killers Have to Pay the Cover Charge.
The club will continue to waive its normal cover charge from 11 a.
Jazz badges are unnecessary in the Delta Lounge and there is no cover charge.
But the bonus here is no cover charge for the show if you're a dinner customer.
The Canopy Bar parties are open to the public, and there is no cover charge.
Magnolia Blvd, cannot offer dancing or happy hours, cannot require a cover charge or drink minimums and must limit live entertainment to a guitarist or trio, according to license terms.
Tickets: $50 cover charge plus $30 food and beverage minimum (a three-course dinner is included).
There's no cover charge, no security guards strafing the audience with cell phones, no smoking deck, no waitresses, no drunken frat boys or gossiping Hollywood social climbers, no alcohol, no Prada, no hip-hop, no valet parking, no souvenir stand.
There will be no cover charge, but patrons are urged to donate what they can to a relief fund.
Incidentally, there's no admission or cover charge for its Wednesday- through-Sunday entertainment.