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a fixed charge by a restaurant or nightclub over and above the charge for food and drink

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Tickets: $50 cover charge plus $30 food and beverage minimum (a three-course dinner is included).
Magnolia Blvd, cannot offer dancing or happy hours, cannot require a cover charge or drink minimums and must limit live entertainment to a guitarist or trio, according to license terms.
But the bonus here is no cover charge for the show if you're a dinner customer.
There is a $5 cover charge for the Teen Celebration.
Al Khaima, Le Royal Meridien: Cover charge Dh99, includes 4 starters
A cover charge in tandem with drinks price increases in recent months is not going to improve the lot of bar keepers.
Patrick's Day cover charge of $20 allows party revelers to enjoy both venues at the Las Vegas boutique hotel (cover charge starts at 1 p.
A new style cover charge, which includes two free drinks as standard, has been introduced at Ko Poda to provide good value for customers.
A cover charge for certain events may be a possibility, Runyon says.
The cover charge is $10 for Quinn's show, and $15 for the April 29 comedy night.
Some are that and no more: The bands' names, the club, the cover charge, written or typed onto a piece of paper, photocopied, passed out or stapled to telephone poles.
It has no cover charge and features the blues at 10 nightly.
Kasey had the reputation of throwing the best parties in high school - he'd invite the best-looking girls and charge the boys a cover charge to get in so it was natural for girls to come to parties at his new Glendale pad.
Some of the biggest names in the Northeast including Pulse, Powerhouse and the New York Players will perform for no cover charge at Vapor.
Two pubs and a nightclub in Newcastle were given the go-ahead to stay open until the early hours ( without a pounds 5 cover charge.