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a concave molding shaped like a quarter circle in cross section

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Product Overview II-12 Types II-12 Cornice Molding II-12 Crown Molding II-12 Cove Molding II-12 Chair-Rail Molding II-13 Panel Molding II-13 Baseboard Molding II-13 Baseboards with Rope Lighting II-13 Baseboard with LED Lights II-13 Molding for Indirect Lighting II-13 Flexible Molding II-13 Frieze Molding II-14 L-Molding II-14 Trim II-14 Decorative Molding Uses II-14 Around a Window II-14 Around a Door II-15 Around the Ceiling II-15 Around the Fireplace II-15 On a Door II-15 On a Ceiling II-15 On a Wall II-15 Along the Wall II-15 Along the Floor II-16 For a Bookcase II-16 8.
Ruddy also wanted to emphasize details such as the cove molding on the walls and ceilings, so where new walls were added, they replicated the molding in plaster.
For tracks, the teachers found cove molding, purchased at a lumberyard, to be most useful.
To build the cornice, a 2-by-2 sits over a slanted 1-by-6 on top of 2-inch cove molding meeting a 2-by-12.