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Synonyms for conge

(architecture) a concave molding

formal permission to depart


an abrupt and unceremonious dismissal

perform a ceremonious bow


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Marathon Cove Base is part of the comprehensive Marathon Accessories system, designed to specifically complement the Estrie Marathon Collection of Lakeland Slate, Desert Stone, Plus, DuraSport, Round, and City Square rubber tiles.
Hard Cove: 100% total solids, trowelable epoxy used for creating cove base.
This included: energy efficient lighting, environmentally friendly refrigerant in the CRAC units, all products such as adhesives for the raised access floor pedestals, VCT, and cove base needed to be LEED certified and the data center was designed and built to ensure airflow was unobstructed during operation, optimizing cooling efficiency.
The work includes, but is not limited to the labor and materials required to remove and dispose of the existing gym floor and existing perimeter rubber cove base, installation of a waterproof membrane over the existing concrete floor, installation of a new gym floor using 2 A- x A" Maple with A" sports floor sleeper pads, re-install four (4) volley ball court pipe standard holes, new rubber cove base, striping, and finishing of the new gym floor, along with all appurtenant work necessary to complete the project as stated in the plans and bid specifications.
New, black, ventilated cove base to be installed around the perimeter of the entire room.
The Springfield VT School District is accepting proposals for materials and labor to install approximately 9500 square feet of Mannington Essentials~~~~ vinyl composite tile and associated cove base.