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(statistics) correlated variation

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Keywords: Matching theory, response class, covariation, extinction, functional communication training, developmental disabilities, problem behavior.
Home-based reinforcement: Behavioral covariation between academic performance and inappropriate behavior.
Moreover, there is considerable covariation between the Starr and Clinton ratings.
They also reconcile their finding that value stocks do not have higher CF betas with the finding in a related literature that value stocks have higher CF covariation with aggregate CFs.
Patterns of covariation in life history traits of squamate reptiles: the effects of size and phylogeny reconsidered.
After taking the covariation of these variables into account, the results still indicated that 6-year persistence was positively associated with co-enrolling and negatively associated with transferring and enrolling in public 2-year institutions.
Generalization, maintenance, and behavioral covariation associated with social skills training through structured learning.
In particular, goal orientations had a stronger direct link to achievement and a stronger negative covariation with anxiety.
All the regressions in this section also include a set of dummy variables that identify the year to control for covariation over time.
Expected grade covariation with student ratings of instruction: Individual versus class effects.
From these data, we cannot conclude that MTBI sequelae were the most proximate causes of this large difference in psychiatric hospitalizations; these data only indicate covariation of the two factors.
Covariation between swap rates and yields on corporate bonds can therefore be explained in terms of both variations in the required real rate of return and inflation expectations and variation in the credit risk associated with market participants' risk profile.
At the Aizpute site the oxygen content of bottom water decreased to the level at which Fe(III) reduction began, as evidenced by covariation of colour with Si[O.
The covariation is due to the synthesis procedures.
Second, Empirical Bayes estimation procedures take into account the covariation among the [beta] coefficients in the model (Bryk and Raudenbush, 1992).