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changing so that interrelations with another variable quantity or set of quantities remain unchanged

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Age, height and weight were found to be poor covariants during both model derivation and prospective testing, a finding corroborated by many uptake studies (13,14,17,18).
Specific papers address holomorphic Eisenstein series with Jacobian twists, Hessians and the moduli surface of cubic surfaces, covariants of a pane quartic associated to its even theta characteristics, a partial solution to Kollar's conjecture, invariants of quartic plane curves as automorphic forms, correspondences of a K3 surface with itself, automorphisms of hyperkahler manifolds in the view of topological entropy, classical Kummer surfaces and Mordell-Weil lattices, and Newmeier lattices and K3 groups.
The next test was performed on the general linear model test to determine if the variables of interest were significant while holding constant the covariants.
Using these covariants, Wilhelm and Ritz were able to calculate risk and odds ratios to assess the influence of roadway proximity on adverse birth outcomes.
Statistical calculations were made according to analysis of covariance, using baseline PTA values, age, and sex as covariants.
One-way analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), with pretest scores as covariants, were used when tests for homogeneity of variance dictated that ANCOVA was warranted.