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changing so that interrelations with another variable quantity or set of quantities remain unchanged

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v] is a weight 1 contravariant vector density, its covariant divergence (with the symbol [[nabla].
Thus the bimetrically spherically symmetric covariant tensor [A.
Nevertheless, including smoking as a covariant in the analysis did not change the results significantly (data not shown).
However, the relationship between size and intensity of certain parasites (Anisakis simplex) was not linear, thus rendering covariant analyses inappropriate.
When the pretest data for each of the five variables were examined between the experimental and control groups, no significant differences were observed therefore a covariant method was not employed.
However, we found that there is a strong correlation between the covariant SVL and the presence and size of the spur, suggesting that tibial spur length increases in relation to the tibia as Eurycea salamanders grow.
The theory is committed to an explicit mind-body dualism and is not covariant.
Analysis of covariance on Janis-Field Feelings of Inadequacy Scale posttest scores, with pretest scores as the covariant, revealed no statistically significant difference among the three groups in level of self-esteem (see Table 2).
Table 1 Expenses by Race, District, Severity of Disability, and Closure Status with Education as a Covariant
To become part of this review, studies had to meet the following criteria: (1) students had official designation as students with language learning disabilities; (2) the majority of focal students were Latino; (3) students were directly observed in the course of classroom interaction; and (4) the study explored covariant relationships between students' communicative and academic performance, and contextual features of classroom events.
Bradshaw and Noonan's argument is problematic because debt and IMF pressure are by definition covariant, since IMF pressure is triggered by the prospect of defaulting on international loans.
When viewed in terms of comparative statics, regional population growth exerts a "drag" on relative PCPI growth, and income growth exerts a "lift," But regional population and income growth are not independent of one another, nor are they perfectly covariant.