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(statistics) the mean value of the product of the deviations of two variates from their respective means

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The Recent Record on Standard Deviations and Covariance in G-7 Growth
According to the covariance matrix reported in the top panel of Table 1, the weights assigned to the squared differences between forecast and actual values would he, ignoring the correlations for the time being, 5.
First we consider the covariance of two total estimates.
As suggested by Steenkamp and Baumgartner (1998), the first step in assessing the cross-national validity of the twenty-one-item vanity scale is to determine whether covariance matrices and mean vectors are similar (or invariant) across the countries.
Farmer discusses multilevel covariance structure analysis (MCA), which extends hierarchical linear modeling to covariance models such as factor analysis or structural equation models.
where S is the n-vector of skewness measures and Vs is the variance-covariance matrix of these measures shown in the upper-left block of the covariance matrix in equation 7.
The risk-free rate of return on the risk-free asset is r, an n x 1 vector of the expected excess rates of return is R - r, and the n x n non-singular covariance matrix of risky assets' rates of return is [OMEGA].
Table 4 reports the estimation results from regressions of the covariance terms on the vector of explanatory variables.
Based on the estimate values obtained for the log likelihood in different models, Models 7 and 8 can be considered as the most appropriate ones for BWTDO performance, but including the covariance of maternal and direct additive genetic effects into Model 8 for BWT6W caused a significant (p < 0.
Included within the consequent covariance as well, the explanation of an event or idea as another causal relationship is also justified in the preface.
Variance and covariance are calculated by considering the percentage change in prices.
Covariance parameter estimates for resource use and financial performance measures from July 2002 to April 2006 in 33 HealthTexas Provider Network primary care practices Type of Outcome Covariance measure measure structure [rho] [gamma] Input Practice expense D(1)ARMA(1,1) 0.
The second paradigm has the advantage that it is easy to track the covariance of inflation-indexed bonds and stocks using high-frequency data on their prices, in the manner of Viceira and Mitsui (2007) and Campbell, Adi Sunderam, and Viceira (2009).
By using the conventional approach, aggregate productivity can be decomposed into the average productivity of industry and the allocative efficiency component, which is often measured by the covariance between market share of individual firms in a given industry and their productivity (Olley and Pakes 1996).
One of the most important properties of covariance is the fact that according to its formula, the covariance of two independent time series is zero.