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valence characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound


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The difference of 41 may be taken as an approximate measure of the covalency of metalnitrate bonding [29].
Therefore, Marchuk and Rengasamy (2011) concluded that the degree of ionicity or covalency of a cation will reflect the degree of covalent or ionic character of clay-cation bonds.
In order to achive maximum wash fastness of a reactive dyeing, the hydrolysed dye which is present in the fibre and held by weaker affinity forces, than covalency, should be completely removed, as otherwise it would lower the wash fastness of the dyeing because of its lower substantivity to cellulose.
Beside implying a low Poisson ratio, the very high G/B ratio holds implications for several other crystal-bonding properties: covalency, Cauchy-relation departure, many-body forces, and others.