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valence characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound


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Although they are far less prevalent than preposition-verb compounds, preposition-noun compounds also offer examples of syntactic covalence, such as the following:
Covalence was looking for top-quality space to house its new headquarters and SJP's Crossroads Business Center was an ideal fit given its quality and location," says Ken Flynn, senior vice president of Trammel Crow Company, which represented Covalence.
The addition of Rollpaks product lines and manufacturing location with the recently acquired business of Covalence Specialty Materials Corp.
Moreover, silica particles derivatized with amine groups by silanization might provide an efficient sol-gel matrix for increased binding of SjAg through entrapment and GLU-mediated covalence interactions.
Covalence runs EthicalQuote, the ethical reputation scoring system and CSR news database tracking the world's largest companies, and offers reputation research and ESG ratings to corporates, investors, and non profits.
CoValence Labs develops and manufactures cosmeceuticals with a global fusion of elegant textures coupled with natural and science-driven actives, according to Melinda Wochner, chief operating officer and VP-marketing.
Ethics: Alcoa was again recognized globally as among the most ethical companies, placing first in the Basic Resources category in the Covalence Ethical Rankings.
JOHN STANEK is manager of new technologies and product development at CoValence Laboratories; his primary responsibility is to research new technologies leading to new product concepts.
com)-- Covalence Consulting today announced the launch of HCMfit, a collection of free on-demand resources aimed to help employers maximize their cloud HCM technology and eliminate wasteful practices.
ConAgra Foods Corning Inc Covalence Specialty Materials Holding Corporation Cristaleria Espanola SA Direct Plastics Ditone Labels DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers Eldmann Elm-Plastic GmbH FBG Trident Ltd Fortune Plastics Fritz GmbH & Co.
NEW YORK -- Alcoa Best in Class in Covalence Ethical Reputation Ranking (February 02, 2011 11:00 AM) Source: Alcoa
Description: CoValence is an FDA registered and IS022716 certified contract and private label manufacturer.
amp;#8220;I refer to Covalence as my HCM Ninjas,” says Sutton.
PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS/INNOVATIONS II-50 Vert Unveils Happy Foot Care Line II-50 Bionova Launches New Foot Care Products II-50 Messe Dusseldorf Unveils CLINIFORCE in Russia II-50 CoValence Unveils Natural Foot Care Line II-50 Herbacin Unveils Natural Line of Foot Care Products II-50 Herbacin Extends Foot Care Line II-50 Performance Health Unveils Pedigenix II-50 5.
The Group also has been included in Vigeo's ASPI Eurozone Index since 2004, the ECPI Ethical Index [euro]uro since January 2009, the Covalence Index since January 2010 and the Ethibel Excellence Index since July 2010.