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a custom among some peoples whereby the husband of a pregnant wife is put to bed at the time of bearing the child

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While couvade syndrome is considered psychosomatic, you never know if some men are faking it because subconsciously they just want to be part of the whole process of pregnancy," says child birth expert Divya Deswal.
I later learned frommy grandmother that this phenomenon is known as couvade, and is a kind of telepathic connection between partners.
Couvade Syndrome, in which a man mimics his wife's birth pangs and takes the credit for producing the child, precisely describes the process, and the reason for it.
Norris did some research into Curly's strange illness and decided he was suffering from Couvade Syndrome - phantom pregnancy symptoms.
The kumbessias or accommodations for pilgrims at novena festivals represent, in his opinion, a survival of the primitive custom of the couvade (233).
Like the couvade, like ritual scarrings that symbolize menstruation in men, like pederastic rites that initiate boys into manhood and employ procreative imagery, Diotima gives witness to "the determination of men to acquire the powers they ascribe (whether correctly or incorrectly) to women," which Halperin calls "a remarkably persistent and widespread feature of male culture.
The first of a Carib trilogy entitled The Sleepers of Roraima, "Couvade" is based on the vestiges of a Carib myth and we are told in the author's note: "The purpose of Couvade was to hand on the legacy of the tribe--courage and fasting--to every newborn child.
13) Qeste rappresentazioni costituiscono una ripresa in chiave comica di materiali rituali e narrativi folklorici ed etnologici, quali i racconti del "padre allattante" e del mito della couvade, di cui ripetono, nelle forme consentite dalla cultura del tempo, alcuni significati.
The word couvade is derived from the French couver, meaning "to incubate, hatch, or brood," and signifies the male's engagement with his unborn baby.