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BEIRUT: With every new season fashionistas are eager to get inspiration from runways and Lebanese couturiers have become masters in the field of trendsetting.
Metallic leaf inserts wrap around the foot and ankle like a jungle vine in shoe couturier Giuseppe Zanotti's white or black calfskin spike heel sandal with rear zip ($1,875).
When the situation in Beirut is not normal, when stuff happens, it's not easy to work or even get to work," Chakra said with an understatement characteristic of Lebanese couturiers.
Couturier are ready to move on and want customers to know business will continue as usual with the new owners.
Emerald Couturiers, started in 2003, is a Massachusetts based manufacturer of high fashion women's apparel, including bridal gowns, flower girl dresses, veils, headpieces, and lingerie, with Lynn Rohrman as Director of Design.
Each week they score contestants on how well the would-be couturiers execute a theme with the materials provided.
This balance was thrown off when designers other than Isamu Noguchi handled the decor, when couturiers like Halston took over Graham's own costuming tasks, especially for the men, and when the dramatic instincts of the soloists were overshadowed by their concern for virtuosity.
Valentino vs Versace We guess that's the beauty of getting married more than once - you get to wear yet another frock designed by one of the world's finest couturiers.
Yet from mid-century onward the purpose and meaning of the corset generated heated debate among physicians, ministers, couturiers, feminist dress reformers, health and hygiene activists, and advocates of tight-lacing.
Anecdotes abound in the biographies of athletes, soldiers, scientists, philosophers, chefs, couturiers, politicians, our own morns and pops.
Like most couturiers, they tailor their creations in secret--away from the prying eyes of engineers who would copy both their designs and their techniques.
com: An Italian fashion vacation for the winner plus one, including private appointments with Ferragamo, Prada and other leading couturiers, a $20,000 clothing allowance and use of a Ferrari.
THE Indian diaspora in the US is set for a treat next month as 13 leading couturiers showcase their wedding collections at the second edition of The Splendid Indian Closet (SIC) in July.
Summary: Lebanese couturiers pushing for a place among the big leagues of haute couture flock to Paris each fashion season to show off their wares on the periphery of the main events.