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high fashion designing and dressmaking

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Amazon India Couture Week 2015 (AICW) kicks off on July 29 with five days of shows in New Delhi.
Haute couture began during the reign of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.
Couture not only has their own personalized Couture collection of products, but they also carry SkinMedica products.
BEIRUT: Model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh, who produces the world's most unconventional catwalks, chose two designs by Lebanese haute couture house Tony Ward for the pre-J Spring Fashion Show 2015 photo shoot.
Stelle Audio Couture is a design focused technology company that develops premium portable products.
While Masaba was talking about her collection, she said that it was a very down to earth approach to couture.
The fifth edition of the event, aptly titled ' 4Cs -- Couture, Crystal, Craft and Carat', will be held at DLF Emporio till Saturday, and will showcase the designer's various projects and collaborations along with his couture line.
Couture was then transported by air ambulance to Michigan, where he could be treated by Dr.
Unlike the properly termed ready-to-wear, haute couture 6 which means "high fashion" in French 6 is made to order for customers on an individual basis.
A Paris commission including existing haute couture labels has awarded the 45-year-old designer the coveted appellation, France's fashion federation said in a statement ahead of the January 23-26 shows.
UFC Hall of Fame legend Couture will be taking time out from filming on Sylvester Stallone's action sequel Expendables ll to launch of his new book 'The Last Round' in the UK and Ireland.
Abaya Couture, which promises to offer edgy and progressive Emirati couture creations to women, has announced the launch of special private viewings of its collections.
Style-conscious brides-to-be looking for footwear with added 'wow' factor and sparkle need look no further than Welsh online shoe retailer Crystal Couture.
I am referring, of course, to Paris Couture Week, a time of fabulous frocks and frozen faces.
Many people showed a great interest in Hanif's collection that was presented at Crillon Hotel within the scope of Paris Haute Couture Week.