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(chiefly Scottish) agreeable and genial


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The Street BBC1, Looking, Sky Atlantic, Monday Sauchiehall Street once had a certain couthy association, a place in affectionate Glasgow idioms about going "Up Sauchie, Doon Buchie and Alang Argyle.
Every country in the world has cosy, couthy programmes on the TV.
But charity was closest to the priest's heart, and his couthy charm would be the key to achieving the "crowning act of his life", as his biographer, Prof.
The Broons celebrate their 70th anniversary this year and actor Ewan McGregor last week narrated a BBC tribute to publisher DC Thomson's couthy clan.
We came to be known as couthy and classy - it was George who made us classy.
Cheeky, curvy and couthy, prices start at just pounds 6,320 and they're throwing in three years free servicing as well.
An argument that is moving and funny and exasperating and brilliant and couthy and navel- gazing.
As long as we get served up a low rate McTartan version of who we are then we will always believe that we are rubbish, a wee couthy nation ignored by the world.
John's not the only on who'll be giving us a bit of couthy patter.
We have this couthy image of some wee wummin turning a few tricks to buy her wean trainers, or some pathetic girl funding her smack habit.
Cute, curvy and couthy, this is one Daewoo, dare I say it, that's in danger of becoming fashionable.
The captain invites the haunted Dutchman back to the village hall for a couthy party.