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(used facetiously) refined

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New York, they are passionate about their team, they really know the game, but sometimes they have a little bit more couth .
This March TV on the Radio will again venture out from Brooklyn, cradle of their couth, for a two-month slew of shows across North America.
Roof up or roof down the Bentley is so couth that the 400-mile loop from the ski resort of Aspen wasn't at all tiring.
I submit instead that the genitive plural mahatmanam expresses the agent of the passive verb drsta; in other words, na no vrttir evam drsta mahatmanam = na no vrttim evam pasyanti mahatmanah: "don't act like that; such is not how the couth view the way of living that is appropriate for us.
Tho couth I sing of love, and tune my pype Unto my plaintive pleas in verses made: Tho would I seeke for Queene apples unrype, To give my Rosalind, and in Sommer shade Dight gaudy Girlonds, was my comen trade, To crowne her golden locks, but yeeres more rype, And losse of her, whose love as lyfe I wayd, Those weary wanton toyes away did wype.
Another student, Lewis Couth, 19, from Leeds, summed up the general feeling towards the Quayside.
And alter native casts Stephen Hanna and the injury-plagued Robert Tewsley in debuts in "Emeralds," Peter Boal superbly couth in "Rubies," and Charles Askegard gallantly partnering a somewhat shaky Kistler in "Diamonds"--by and large kept up the exceptional work.
In July 2000, the Tokyo District Couth sentenced Hayakawa to death, as prosecutors had demanded.
Andrew Cooper, Sandown's clerk of the course, is cautiously optimistic their meeting will take place after the course missed the heavy snowfall, which fell on the couth east.
Thousands of Shiites participated in a 1991 revolt against Saddam in the couth of the country, a rebellion which Baghdad claims was instigated by Tehran.
All perfectly couth and prosperous, not a blade of grass out of place, but unbelievably boring, with smug detached villas surrounded by little bits of garden that make them seem totally detached from nature.
Lo, Thi letters haue I layde; I haue done I couth do And peasse haue I prayd Mekyll more therto Opynly dysplayd.
If I promise to try and be more couth from now on, would it be all right if I went on a mule deer hunt in Utah with Tightwad Mike?
He has earned enough money to send his son Jet to a trendy school and to keep an Asian mistress as well as a wife; but his accent, attitudes, and lack of couth give him away, and he knows it.