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the child of your aunt or uncle

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He has borrowed a phrase from Commentary's Gabriel Schoenfeld, "Antisemitism-denial," to characterize a group of Jews (including part of the cousinhood among Israeli intellectuals) who are so blinkered in their vision that they either refuse to recognize it when their noses are rubbed in it or who perversely endorse it as a legitimate desideratum.
The land matched the molecular structure of the tribes which form the loose cousinhood of the Pathans, comprising more than half the population of Afghanistan.
54) Primarily settlements of kin, Brieron communities were a "true community of relatives, so much that neighborhood and cousinhood [were] confused.
One other family in the cousinhood, Grenville, also provided a father and son as Prime Minister, George and William).
It is unlikely that the Shermer-Grobman book will convert any of the denier cousinhood.