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a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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the preamble to the Manual for Courts-Martial, (223) reflects the
For readers who enjoy such details, there are few non-fiction books that match Englade's skill at describing the courts-martial process.
John Schofield, declined to comment on the report Wednesday because it was part of ongoing courts-martial.
The charges were referred to the courts-martial on November 17, 2008, following the conclusion of an Article 32 investigation that began August 28 at the Rose Barracks Courthouse in Vilseck, Germany, according to the statement.
Bradley said papers about the UCMJ and the Manual for Courts-Martial during different eras in American history also are of interest.
Usually of air vice- marshal rank, he was the convening officer for courts-martial, and formally responsible for appointing the members of the court.
21) The UCMJ does not define what constitutes a "minor offense"; however, the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM) and Army Regulation 27-10, Military Justice, provide that "minor offenses" are those UCMJ offenses that, if tried at a general court-martial, carry a punishment no greater than a bad-conduct discharge or one year of confinement.
submarine, and asked for their understanding of a Navy court's decision not to recommend courts-martial for senior officers on the submarine.
and the Manual for Courts-Martial which implements it, have been anything but static documents.
54) This "catch-all" challenge would be the precursor to Rule for Courts-Martial (RCM) 912(f)(1)(N), (55) from which the doctrines of actual and implied bias were later developed.
Thomas Fargo, who convened the Court of Inquiry, will determine within about 30 days what action to take against Waddle and other crew members, which could range from non-judicial punishment such as letters of reprimand to courts-martial.
Military Academy and almost certainly had considerable experience with courts-martial proceedings, Grier was not a lawyer.
Article 19, UCMJ, "jurisdiction of special courts-martial," provides in pertinent part: "[S]pecial courts-martial have jurisdiction to try persons subject to this chapter for any noncapital offense made punishable by this chapter, and, under such regulations as the President may prescribe, for capital offenses.
A description of the courts-martial of this time can be found in the work of Alexander Fraser Tytler, a Judge Advocate of the period.