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a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws

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As I was willing enough to know, we went out with this object, leaving my aunt behind; who would trust herself, she said, in no such place, and who, I think, regarded all Courts of Law as a sort of powder-mills that might blow up at any time.
At court, and in the castles of the great nobles, where the pomp and state of a court was emulated, Norman-French was the only language employed; in courts of law, the pleadings and judgments were delivered in the same tongue.
At the Lord President's in Piccadilly, at Lambeth Palace, at the Lord Chancellor's in Great Ormond Street, in the Royal Exchange, the Bank, the Guildhall, the Inns of Court, the Courts of Law, and every chamber fronting the streets near Westminster Hall and the Houses of Parliament, parties of soldiers were posted before daylight.
The cabinet has approved authorization to the officials and officers for resolution of departmental cases in courts of law.
The disqualification provided in Article 62(1)(f) is subject to a lawful declaration by the court of law, that can be rendered either by ordinary courts of law, by the tribunals established to resolve the election disputes or by the superior courts in their Constitutional Jurisdiction and the constitutional mandate and will of the people will be obliterated by reading Article 63 into Article 62 of the Constitution.
Despaired of the courts of law they seek remedy from the "court of public opinion" forgetting that the judgment by a court of law can only be reversed by a higher court but never by the mobs.
HYDERABAD -- The deputy commissioner Hyderabad Muatasam Abbasi who is also the Chairman District Litigation Committee has asked the officers concerned to submit their comments which needed in the cases pending in the courts of law to ensure speedy justice to the aggrieved persons.
Those massacring civilians and commit crimes against humanity sooner or later get tried in in courts of law, Davutoglu said.