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a room in which a lawcourt sits

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This courthouse has two small courtrooms and is co-located with the county juvenile detention facility.
As a precaution the courtroom at Wirral magistrates' court has been temporarily cordoned off so that testing on the air quality can be carried out.
Dubai: A young suspect bounced off his seat, lifted up his kandora and ran out of the courtroom once a judge sentenced him to two months in jail.
It has two other courtrooms, each of which has a 300-person capacity.
This leaves the 23 courthouses with extra courtrooms and chamber suites that, together, total approximately 887,000 square feet of extra space.
Cameras in courtrooms impose irreparable harm upon a citizen's right to a fair and impartial trial; they intimidate civil defendants; they create security and privacy concerns; and they create spectacles like the 1935 Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial, or the 1954 Dr.
Court TV has long supported the position that cameras belong in both state and federal courtrooms.
And despite earlier pledges that the Chatsworth Courthouse would be limited to misdemeanor, traffic, civil and small-claims proceedings, felony cases were being heard in three of the 10 courtrooms.
The new approximately 322,000-square-foot courthouse is planned to include nine courtrooms - five district courtrooms, two magistrate courtrooms, two bankruptcy courtrooms - and additional space for court-supported agencies.
In the high-security courtrooms, defendants will appear behind a glass enclosure.
Strategically, the building has a bulbous head, at its eastern end, containing the most specialised spaces, including the courtrooms and prisoners' cells.
The ability to watch government institutions in action is one of the hallmarks of democracy, and television makes it possible for those institutions, including courtrooms, to be visible to the entire public.
LANCASTER - Three courtrooms were closed and additional help was brought in after sheriff's deputies who serve as courtroom bailiffs did not show up for work Friday.
They range from marital disputes to initial murder hearings, bringing different dramas and characters in their wake, all of which have to be kept more or less apart before coming together in the courtrooms.
Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation and a leader in global IP solutions, today announced that Courtroom Connect, a leading provider of high-speed Internet access, printing and remote real-time transcripts to courtrooms has expanded its solution delivery with NTT/VERIO network and hosting services.