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a room in which a lawcourt sits

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The defendant was seated inside a courtroom where he was being tried for involvement in a minor theft case.
This courthouse has two small courtrooms and is co-located with the county juvenile detention facility.
In God in the Courtroom Guy Bechor investigates the concept of making God a witness in legal proceedings, examining to what extent the courtroom oath in Egyptian civil law is "Islamic.
CNN was granted access to the same courtroom to record a news report on the same subject matter as the Dutton/Full Disclosure Network documentary.
A WIRRAL courtroom was sealed off after asbestos was discovered behind a wall.
LAHORE -- The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (LHC), Umar Bandial has taken notice of the ruckus created by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) workers at a courtroom and summoned an explanation from party chairman Imran Khan.
LAHORE -- Chief Justice Lahore High Court Umar Ata Bandial Wednesday left courtroom due to hooliganism by PTI lawyers and workers who had come alongwith Imran Khan to attend proceedings of a case filed by National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq against Election Commission's orders for inspection of NA-122 record.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ninety-two people who were standing trial for causing courtroom disorder during the 149th session of the Ergenekon coup attempt trial have been sentenced to one year and eight months in prison.
The motion by the 40-year-old former part-time Rutland officer, who has since been convicted of a second rape, was primarily based on a claim that members of his family were excluded from the courtroom during jury selection in the 2010 case.
As requested, for 33 federal courthouses completed since 2000, GAO examined (1) whether they contain extra space and any costs related to it; (2) how their actual size compares with the congressionally authorized size; (3) how their space based on the judiciary's 10-year estimates of judges compares with the actual number of judges; and (4) whether the level of courtroom sharing supported by the judiciary's data could have changed the amount of space needed in these courthouses.
The Dade County Courthouse is a well-known Miami landmark with over 80 years of history, and Courtroom 6-1 is the grandest courtroom in the Dade County Courthouse.
Privacy is destroyed, say the opponents, because cases often relate to individuals who are not parties, and those persons' personal facts, including medical and financial information, may be disclosed to hundreds of people outside the courtroom.
Law students at the University of wolverhampton will be given a taste of the real thing thanks to a purpose-built courtroom.
Few authors have the skills to bring courtroom dramas fully to life, but trial attorney and author Cody Fowler Davis in his courtroom thriller "Implied Consent" is clearly one of those gifted writers with a true and telling touch for storytelling.
Courtroom Modifications for Child Witnesses" is a must-have for anyone who has to deal with a child in a courtroom situation, especially recommended for college library law and psychology collections.