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Synonyms for courtly

Synonyms for courtly

characterized by elaborate but usually formal courtesy

fond of or given to ceremony

Synonyms for courtly

refined or imposing in manner or appearance

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He examines the function of ekphrastis in the poem and offers a close reading to suggest that Wirnt uses it in three distinct but complementary ways: as a structuring device, an integrative device, and a means of courtly self-representation.
Caption: Courtly Check, below, and Flower Market flatware.
Courtly Encounters includes a substantial introduction outlining Subrahmanyam's position, three core chapters, and a short conclusion focusing on the court.
As much a series of micro historical investigations into cross-cultural courtly encounters as it is a theoretical guidebook for those interested in making sense of such interactions, Courtly Encounters began its life as a series of lectures Subrahmanyam delivered at Bryn Mawr College in the autumn of 2009.
Courtly encounters; translating courtliness and violence in early modern Eurasia.
At Limerick, Mark Roper has found a good opportunity for Courtly Conduct in the Roches Feeds Maiden Hurdle.
The concept of criminal conversation sugar-couched in the terms of Courtly Love developed among the aristocratic classes of Western Europe, during the late 11th century.
30pm Sat 30 - Sun 31 July Medieval Courtly Combat Tynemouth Priory 11.
With the Troubadours of medieval France, Eros is viewed as a binding force that tends to bridge the gap between sense and spirit within the periphery of courtly love (amour courtois)--a powerful plea for refined sensuality.
Even the jokes of this genre (and there are many) depend on security in the assumption that fruitful Christian marriage was the glue upon which social stability and cohesion depended, perhaps most especially at the courtly level.
The holiday first became associated with romantic love in the time of Geoffrey Chaucer in the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love f lourished.
The Discourse of Courtly Love in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Theater.
Kosta-Thefaine's book consists of essentially three essays that explore the expression of grief and suffering in the courtly idiom, suggesting a less gender-oriented reading, as well as a renewal of courtly themes in Christine's novel expression.
According to the author, the manuscript text and image program belong to one and the same culture: Andalusian courtly culture.
Lending credence to Lucien Febvre's sacred/profane dichotomy, Cooper organized the diverse poems in five parts according to poetic form: epitres, Christian poetry, courtly poetry, love poetry, and a final, more atypical, section entitled "Definitions of true love in dizains.