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Synonyms for courtly

Synonyms for courtly

characterized by elaborate but usually formal courtesy

fond of or given to ceremony

Synonyms for courtly

refined or imposing in manner or appearance

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Courtly encounters; translating courtliness and violence in early modern Eurasia.
That form was given a handsome boost by Ned Buntline at Leopardstown yesterday and Courtly Conduct should have the measure of Mr Groocock and the long-absent Maya Quest.
To argue that a defense of the courtly ethos depends significantly on the vilification of same-sex activity between males is to offer one explanation for the rise in homophobia that occurred at the end of the Middle Ages.
As a medievalist, I was sorry to discover no index reference to Gottfried von Strassburg's Tristan and Isolde, a defining text for courtly love, and only one reference to Chretien de Troyes, the 1:th century French writer who helped establish the attitudes and modes of behavior to express love and the vocabulary of discourse for the subtle analyses of love that came to occupy medieval writers.
Patronage, visual culture, and courtly life; in eighteenth-century Germany and England.
In partnership with Marvin Waldman and Sam Lyon - with whom he owned Indian Hill Farm in Kentucky - Eaton bred and sold 1986 July Cup winner Green Desert, out of the Grade 3 winner Foreign Courier, herself a daughter of the partnership's Courtly Dee, who had been shrewdly claimed by Eaton for $15,000 in 1972 at Atlantic City racecourse.
Would-be Squire's took part in axe, mace and sword training, which was followed by a session of courtly dancing, including the pavane, the farandole and the branles - all popular from that era.
Love and Death in Medieval French and Occitan Courtly Literature: Martyrs to Love, by Simon Gaunt.
Additionally, Susato was a composer of exceptional accomplishment, supplying impressive pieces in all of the musical genres associated with the elite urban and courtly circles of his time.
Nakatani triumphs: Corey Nakatani made a triumphant return to racing, riding 15-1 long shot Courtly Jazz to a two-length victory over Coldntight in the $54,400 feature race Friday at Santa Anita.
Ffiona Swabey's Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Courtly Love, And The Troubadours (0313325235, $45.
OLIVIER WEVERS IS TALL, BLOND, and handsome, an aristocratic Siegfried in Swan Lake, a courtly Florimund in The Sleeping Beauty, a noble Romeo in Romeo and Juliet--roles the Pacific Northwest Ballet principal deeply enjoys dancing.
The wilderness is one of many contexts--the indulgent courtly society portrayed by Peter Paul Rubens, the pastoral village, the urban skatepark, the rec-room tabletop are others--that Moppett takes as starting points from which to pursue activities in multiple guises, often playing the part of other artists.
This lightening up of the soul constitutes a refreshment or restoration of the commitment of the person of public affairs, a sharpening and softening of a public servant's zeal, a courtly diversion.
In devoting a monograph to the treatment of courtly love within the genre of 'Sangspruchdichtung', the author sets herself three interrelated aims: to identify and describe that concept of courtly love which preoccupied Spruchdichter from Reinmar von Zweter to Frauenlob; to consider her theme from the perspective of a literary historian; and to add impetus to the discussion of the aesthetics of the genre.