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elegance suggestive of a royal court

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Despite the apparent connection between courtliness and a greater degree of self-control, neither courtliness, the Landfrieden, nor the "Spielregeln" prevent violence completely; rather, all attempt to make violence more productive and less destructive (cf.
Her Prince Charming is Will Richardson, a young blond actor with a good singing voice and a bright future who is to be congratulated for turning a sow's ear into a silk purse and leaving a very pleasant memory of courtliness and good manners.
Close Quarters Combat: Tactical Knives" also comes out of a recognition that feral nature nibbles at the edges of courtliness and sensitivity.
The illustrations' strong focus on nobility and courtliness belies, in Starkey's view, the manuscript patron's desire to engage with contemporary views of aristocratic self-fashioning.
I believe there should be more chivalry, courtesy and courtliness in the House of Commons than is evident now.
Courtly Encounters: Translating Courtliness and Violence in Early Modern Eurasia.
There is a courtliness and elegance to Satan's speech that seems appropriate for a former archangel, yet the understatement of the last line emphasizes his ordinariness, how human he seems.
In Courtly Encounters: Translating Courtliness and Violence in Early Modern Eurasia, Subrahmanyam offers a valuable addition to his own oeuvre as well as to the field of early modern global history more broadly.
Courtly encounters; translating courtliness and violence in early modern Eurasia.
The element of chaos in these ceremonial events added authenticity to their courtliness.
His name traveled well; his reputation for scholarship was unimpeachable; his unfailing courtliness reflected favorably on a university that prided itself on civility.
Those who fail to keep "trawpe" with God and to obey his covenants have negative attributes conventionally seen as "Jewish," such as blindness, carnality, and disrespect for God, while positive figures, including Jewish patriarchs, display "Christian" attributes of faith, courtliness, and gratitude towards God.
But it does not prevent us from dreaming--far from it--of such superior forms of civility as the courtliness of Lacenaire, on the eve of his execution, urging a friend: 'Above all, please convey my gratitude to Monsieur Scribe.
And so the "I" does not follow the courtliness of a different character of The Book of Good Love, Don Amor--a courtliness that in the end does not serve him, as he himself says in stanzas 576-77--but rather the amatory model of the schools of Aristotelianism or the Cordoban Virgil, certainly heterodox but with a fundamental limit.