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elegance suggestive of a royal court

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Other revisions--such as changes in assigning dialogical replies to certain characters (which reveal both shifts in personal allegiances and a perceptive use of Ciceronian verisimilitude), the gradual rejection of the stilted Boccaccian framework and the narrator's presence in it, a reduced presence of military and courtroom metaphors, an increased courtliness and wittiness among the interlocutors, and the removal of too ostentatious erudition and of the use of Latin and other languages--result in a more natural and effectively polyphonic dialogue.
In wolf form, the nobleman demonstrates his courtliness to the king, who makes the noble beast a respected member of his court.
Like other Shakespearean men, he shows how burdensome the transition from soldier to courtier-lover is for him, being forced to switch from a model of masculinity that emphasizes heroic action to another that emphasizes courtliness, love, and, especially troubling for Richard, physical appearance.
Neil Griffiths, of the Royal British Legion of Scotland, added: "Alfred was a fine old soldier who was a brilliant example of old world courtliness.
Neil Griffiths, of the Royal British Legion of Scotland, said, 'Alfred was a fine old soldier who was a brilliant example of old world courtliness.
whisked into the booth by the star himself, whose welcome-to-my-castle courtliness, I suspect, was only partly an association with his Visigothic regard.
If Williams' Calantha was a perfect flower of courtliness, Fielding's Penthea seemed a compendium of contradictions precariously held together.
Throughout his life, he exuded the courtliness of his native Magnolia, Ark.
The ideal of courtliness and of courtly love constructed in romances proved to be a very potent one, as it has survived in Western culture well into the 20th century, even if in a "vulgarised" form.
Peter DeSa Wiggins: Donne, Castiglione, and the Poetry of Courtliness (2000).
36) Consulo likewise suggests the importance of advisory traditions to the discursive fashioning of monarchical authority and courtliness.
Morris cites "the heaviness of nature, the overwhelming sense of the past, the emphasis on storytelling, the courtliness and violence.
Yarborough further states that this mythology contained the following characteristics: "nobility, intelligence, strength, articulateness, loyalty, virtue, rationality, courage, sell-control, courtliness, honesty, and physical attractiveness" ("Race" 168)
Alongside these concerns, Bowers demonstrates with meticulous detail how Pearl is saturated with courtliness which is very suggestive of rituals and practices associated with Richard II.