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a government building that houses the offices of a county government

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a building that houses judicial courts

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Some courthouses, like Lynn County's, are looking at geothermal heat pumps to provide their own heating and cooling.
When I asked the state what the future holds for the courthouse, I got this emailed response from Capital Asset Management Commissioner Carole Cornelison:
Sixty-nine of Ohio's county courthouses are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many others hold historical significance in their communities," said Suzanne Dulaney, executive director of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.
The state Judicial Department has included Lane's request in its budget proposal to the Legislature, along with other county courthouse projects totaling $35 million.
Major reorganization has been under way at the Glendale and Burbank courthouses since they were merged into the Superior Court system.
Thanks to a more uniform system and improved communication among courts, court unification has helped reduce waits at some courthouses.
As requested, for 33 federal courthouses completed since 2000, GAO examined (1) whether they contain extra space and any costs related to it; (2) how their actual size compares with the congressionally authorized size; (3) how their space based on the judiciary's 10-year estimates of judges compares with the actual number of judges; and (4) whether the level of courtroom sharing supported by the judiciary's data could have changed the amount of space needed in these courthouses.
The way that some people go to the movies or a zoo, I go to courthouses,'' said Levine, author of the Jake Lassiter novels and a Studio City resident for seven years.
Four to six workstations with Internet access were recently installed in juror assembly rooms at six Los Angeles County courthouses, including the one in Van Nuys.
1984: County master plan calls for building several new courthouses to handle growth, involving facilities in the Antelope Valley, Chatsworth, North Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Whittier and Long Beach.
Morphosis's new courthouse in Eugene forms part of an ambitious nationwide building programme by the USA's General Services Administration (GSA).
The administration brief sides with two Kentucky counties that were ordered to remove Commandments displays from their courthouses.
Nevertheless, in comparison, other courthouses within the West Midlands are in a far worse state than the courthouse at Sutton Coldfield.
The Emanuel Celler Courthouse is one of the central Courthouses in Brooklyn and has desperately needed renovations for quite some time," commented Joong Lee, Weidlinger's Partner in Charge for the Cadman Plaza Courthouse.
At the most basic level, the records of the building, repair, expansion, furnishings, and uses of successive courthouses from 1843 to 1940 in Union County, North Carolina, will provide the means for exploring an interplay among politics, economic development and material culture in the New South.