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ordered by a court of law

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The Victorian concept of female virtue helped women in custody cases, and in 1872 the North Carolina Supreme Court in the Mitchell case gave single women the right to retain their children without mandatory court-ordered apprenticeship so long as they demonstrated good character and did not become public charges.
Institutions such as reform schools, operated on the basis of segregation, replaced court-ordered apprenticeship.
Zipf's useful study of court-ordered apprenticeship of poor children is especially strong on the early Reconstruction period and makes a thorough use of legal records.
The company's dedicated Law Enforcement Liaison Office's sole mission is to facilitate court-ordered surveillance, wiretapping and subpoena requests.
The union's unfair-labor practices charge against Baca says he manipulated both the sergeants' exam and the court-ordered promotion process to promote one deputy, and added the names of two deputies to the promotion list that commanders had drawn up.
Laura Emmerling says she has struggled for 15 years to obtain court-ordered child support from her former husband, and the experience has left her frustrated, broke and depressed.
But the family's battle over court-ordered child support is not unusual.
5 million children entitled to support are receiving their court-ordered payments, according to a study by the National Center for Youth Law, the Child Support Reform Initiative and Children Now.
and three of its principals in contempt of court for violating a 1998 court-ordered preliminary injunction in an intellectual property case filed by Adaptec related to its CD-R software technology.
This Court-ordered takeover is necessary to ensure that policyholder claims will be paid," Commissioner Quackenbush said.
Walker denied a request by CJC's lawyers for accelerated discovery in support of a motion to restrain the Committee from voting proxies at the court-ordered meeting of shareholders to be held on August 30.
Lynn, who was also licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, was disbarred in that state, and charged with at least 22 counts of misconduct, including: numerous overdrafts of her trust account; failure to adequately and promptly communicate with clients or even do the work; failure to provide an accounting for money received for services; failure to refund unearned fees; failure to notify clients that she had stopped practicing law and had relocated; and failure to participate in status conferences and other court-ordered hearings.