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Somehow the dark, grim young major from Ulster had guessed the hideous truth; and when they walked slowly together down that road towards the bridge Murray was telling the general that he must resign instantly, or be court-martialled and shot.
Islamabad, June 8(ANI): A Pakistan Army commando, who had allegedly opposed the Lal Masjid operation in 2007 and was subsequently court-martialled, is seeking the help of Chief Justice of Pakistan for justice.
He is the first member of the British armed forces to be court-martialled for refusing to go and could face jail or dismissal from the RAF if he is found guilty.
A similar case involving the Birmingham man, Graham Cooper, court-martialled from the RAF did not breach the human rights code, the judges said, because of key differences in the way the two services handled proceedings.
The day after the incident he said: "The sun comes up in the morning, you run your ship aground, you get court-martialled.