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Synonyms for record

Synonyms for record

to place on a list or in a record

to give a precise indication of, as on a register or scale

Synonyms for record

anything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events

the number of wins versus losses and ties a team has had

Related Words

the sum of recognized accomplishments

a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone

an extreme attainment

a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted

Related Words

register electronically

indicate a certain reading

be aware of


Related Words

be or provide a memorial to a person or an event

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By 2004, it was evident there could be problems with private information becoming public through online court files, and the court created the Committee on Privacy and Court Records, which made its recommendations in August 2005.
4 Privacy, Access and Court Records, Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Privacy and Court Records, August, 2005.
ABOUT COURTTRAX -- CourtTrax is a leading provider of court records information.
Another read: "Shaw's parking lot," according to court records.
In that order, the justices found that electronic access is a goal and that "two competing yet important values must be balanced in any set of policies: openness and transparency in court records, on the one hand, and individual privacy on the other hand.
Fikso got an additional five years and 10 months for using a child in the display of sexual conduct, according to court records.
The New York State Court System's Commission on Public Access to Court Records recently issued recommendations that criminal and civil records be made available on the Internet over the next five years, with safeguards designed to protect individual privacy.
Donald Weinstein has provided a thoroughly enjoyable and instructive microstoria, based on court records.
Wallace, 42, recently pleaded guilty to theft of property for embezzling $111,185 from the company between 1994 and July 2000, according to Pulaski County Circuit Court records.
the leading provider of real-time electronic access to our nation's court records, today announced the completion of financing totaling over $15 million led by Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE), an Internet holding company actively engaged in business-to-business e-commerce through a network of partner companies.
At the time the authors examined the court records, the court had received $66,022 in fine revenues leaving $35,085 of the total assessments outstanding.
The new Instant Access service will be available to anyone on a pay-by-search basis with a credit card for individual district court records.
Contract notice: Development services and implementation of a management system court records and locations (agu) in the field of administration of justice of catalonia.
Dispatch asked her if she gave permission to take the car and she stated no, and said that he tried to rape her so she kicked him out and he took the car," investigators wrote, according to court records.
AOSC06-27 (August 21, 2006), the Committee on Access to Court Records (committee) has filed with the Florida Supreme Court a petition proposing amendments to rule 2.