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Synonyms for record

Synonyms for record

to place on a list or in a record

to give a precise indication of, as on a register or scale

Synonyms for record

anything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events

the number of wins versus losses and ties a team has had

Related Words

the sum of recognized accomplishments

a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone

an extreme attainment

a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted

Related Words

register electronically

indicate a certain reading

be aware of


Related Words

be or provide a memorial to a person or an event

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to develop an online court records system, KCDC is also one of the only district courts to provide public access to electronic court records and manages a large number of traffic tickets electronically.
Many federal courts provide Internet access to images of court records for a fee via PACER.
The blending of MarketSpan's CaseStream and CourtLink/JusticeLink's court access services clearly creates the most comprehensive collection of electronic court records available today," said Matthew J.
In addition to enhanced mobile experience, the revamped Kansas County District Court Records Search application also offers the following:
A wide-ranging recommendation about what information in court files should be deemed confidential and how such information can be protected while providing electronic access to court records has been made by a Supreme Court committee.
Additional revenue likely was received after the time that the authors examined the court records because of time payments being made by the drivers or through collections.
1) The clerk of the court shall designate and maintain the confidentiality of any information contained within a court record that is described in subdivision (d)(1)(A) or (d)(1)(B) of this rule.
After an investigation by the city of Los Angeles, Bishop was disciplined for unnecessarily identifying himself as an LAPD detective, causing the unnecessary response of an outside law enforcement agency and effecting an unlawful private person's arrest, according to the court record.
com, helps reduce costs, boost productivity, increase the accuracy and improve the overall effectiveness of the nationwide court record retrieval process for users.
Harvard University's Ash Institute Recognizes Work Facilitating Access to Court Records
The road was being reconstructed and as part of that work, Newhall Land had piled dirt to control rain runoff that otherwise would have to be treated before flowing into storm drains, according to the court record.
Even after requesting a court record via phone or email, an immediate response was not guaranteed.
1) The clerk of the court shall maintain as confidential any information contained within a court record that is described in Appendix A of this rule.
CourtTrax's customized solution integrates their court record search services into Data Trace's nationwide title and tax information system, a product that enables title insurance companies to streamline order processing and title production.
Parties will file a Confidential Disclosure of Personal Information form that will be maintained in confidence by the clerk as part of the court record.