court order

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a writ issued by a court of law requiring a person to do something or to refrain from doing something

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In addition, we have to read the court order in detail because it is a conditional bail.
Suite 107, Vero Beach, suspended until further order, effective 30 days from an October 9 court order.
183rd, Suite 120, Miami Gardens, to be publicly reprimanded following an October 4 court order.
suspended until further order, following a June 5 court order.
Suite B, Gainesville, disbarred effective immediately, following an April 19 court order.
199 dated December 5, 2005 not to proceed with the final arguments and gave the parties (Sulliden and Algamarca) five days to make submissions on the Court Orders and the suspension request from Algamarca.
Suite 201-218, Naples, permanently disbarred following an October 7 court order.
Today's court order also allows SNH to seek recovery of its legal fees for this litigation which was commenced by HealthSouth.
John Patrick Clement, 500 Marbella Circle, North Palm Beach, suspended until further order, effective 30 days from an August 24 court order.
He has refused to leave and demanded a court order or legal opinion to force his recusal, officials said.
In October Algamarca initiated another "accion de amparo" from the 53rd Circuit Court seeking a Court Order to suspend the Arbitration Process but this application was not successful.
Suite 202, Jacksonville, to be publicly reprimanded by the Board of Governors following an August 30 court order.
subsidiary has obtained a Court Order issued by the Court of Common Pleas in Pittsburgh, PA, requiring Direct Response Technologies ("DRT") to comply with the terms of a Consent Decree by immediately returning PrimaryAds' Business Information and Data to PrimaryAds.
Suite 310, Miami, suspended for 45 days, effective 30 days from a May 10 court order.
I am pleased that the Inspectors have recognised the significant improvement NICTS has made in strengthening the administrative arrangements for court order recording.