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a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws

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If the information shared under OECD agreement is released publicly, utilized as evidence in a court of law or criminal action initiated, any nation doing such a thing would be in contravention of the treaty and would no longer remain a member.
The disqualification provided in Article 62(1)(f) is subject to a lawful declaration by the court of law, that can be rendered either by ordinary courts of law, by the tribunals established to resolve the election disputes or by the superior courts in their Constitutional Jurisdiction and the constitutional mandate and will of the people will be obliterated by reading Article 63 into Article 62 of the Constitution.
He said the committee has re commended a number of measures seeking to end bad and negative rumors and how those spreading them should be brought to court of law to face dire criminal punishment.
VVSOLWAY Legend overcame a bad mistake on the first circuit to outstay Court Of Law and defy a high of 9 in running on Betfair at Perth.
The ancillary punishments are applied by the court of law (ope judicis) according to the law as an addition or complement to a main punishment and is served separately.
One difference, some would say the only difference, between Bin Laden and the dingo is that the dingo has finally been convicted of his crime in a court of law, 32 years after his/her/its heinous crime, whereas Bin Laden never was, rendering him innocent as he was never proven guilty in a court of law.
NNA - Minister of Social Affairs Wa'el Bou-Fa'our sued a pedophile teacher in the court of law on multiple charges of raping minor school girl and molesting others.
They are all in a position to pay the price for their act in a court of law, Davutoglu also said.
Questions asked were not pertinent to the trial and my heart goes out to Mr and Mrs Dowler and their family for the disgusting behaviour they had to endure in a British court of law.
CAIRO: The Egyptian court of law set December 6 as a final date to rule on the appeal lodged by former Zamalek chairman Mamdouh Abbas against his sacking.
The decisions of a court of law were based on contract terms and individual rights.
The Court decided in a six to three decision that hypnosis evidence and its impact on human memory are not well enough understood for such testimony to be reliable in a court of law.
Like officials in various other local government agencies, LAUSD officials decided 10 years ago that their many failures would be indefensible in a court of law.
Fines can only be imposed by a court of law, not privatised parking companies.
Chapters cover the eight telltale signs of adultery, how to obtain proof of infidelity which can be used in a court of law and can influence asset and custody settlements, and how to pick up the pieces of one's life and move on.