court of chancery

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a court with jurisdiction in equity


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The article provides some background on the case, which began two years ago when the Delaware Court of Chancery dismissed a derivative action involving Walmart on the ground that dispositive issues had already been litigated and resolved in the U.
Disclosure-only settlements are less likely to be approved by the Delaware Court of Chancery since the Trulia decision, the study said.
The litigation against ETE in the Delaware Court of Chancery seeks to unwind the private offering of series A convertible preferred units.
The Court of Chancery found that the privileged and additional documents it required for production were "necessary and essential" to the stockholder's "proper purposes" of investigating potential mismanagement and alleged breaches of fiduciary duty by Wal-Mart and Wal-Mex executives in connection with bribery allegations.
14 October 2011 - US biopharmaceutical company Allos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ALTH) said yesterday that the company and other defendants had settled the putative class action lawsuits filed by plaintiffs' counsel in connection in the Delaware Court of Chancery in connection with its proposed merger with US AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AMAG).
Ovitz, Disney chief executive Michael Eisner and several current and former directors, including Wilson, are being sued in the Delaware Court of Chancery over a $140 million severance package paid to Ovitz when he left Disney after 14 months as the company's president.
The following Essay by Vice Chancellor Leo Strine of the Delaware Court of Chancery advocates the enactment of legislation that authorizes the Court of Chancery to handle "mediation-only" cases.
In addition to his role as chancellor--which involved presiding over the Court of Chancery and supervising the drafting of proclamations--he was effectively the chief financial manager of the wars against Scotland and France that dominated Henry's last years.
CaseStream(R) Delaware Chancery, released in May, provides an Internet search capability against a database of dockets from Delaware Court of Chancery, the nation's most important corporate litigation court.
Allen, director of the New York University Center for Law and Business and the former chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, is one of the four public representatives.
NEW YORK -- ALM's Law Journal Press, a leading publisher of print and digital publications for legal professionals, today announced the release of a new book, Technology Litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery , co-authored byCathy L.
2507, in the following practice area designations: (a) general litigation; (b) employment and related litigation; (c) expedited Court of Chancery litigation.
26, 2014), the Court of Chancery certified for interlocutory appeal its decision to deny a motion to dismiss disinterested director defendants when the company has a Section 102(b)(7) provision exculpating such directors from liability.
Delaware's Court of Chancery is the world's foremost forum for resolving corporate governance disputes, but a lesser known fact is that the court is also extremely adept at handling important trade secret misappropriation cases.
Jones has argued that the Elizabethan court of Chancery did not have a highly developed theory of equity or conscience.