court of appeals

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a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies

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Regrettably, the Court of Appeals misapprehended the Court's jurisprudence and improperly invalidated Ohio's investment credit.
Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the New York Court of Appeals further defined the limits of the Scaffold Law and the applicability of the "recalcitrant worker" defense.
Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that the seniority system was merely a factor in the undue hardship analysis and that a case-by-case analysis is required to determine whether any particular assignment would constitute an undue hardship.
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, on the other hand, has ruled they are fully deductible on the grounds that a trustee without investment experience must hire an outside adviser to fulfill his or her fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries.
The bill would require the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to review the entire record and would require it to enforce the benefit-of-the-doubt rule.
Circuit Court of Appeals in Florida ruled against a similar Florida law, saying it too violated due process.
On a historical basis, antitrust cases went straight from the trial court to the Supreme Court up until 1975, but since that date appeals to the intervening Court of Appeals have been permitted.
Offerman,(15) the North Carolina Supreme Court reversed a court of appeals decision holding that the state recognizes only one meaning of business income, the transactional test.
The court of appeals ruled her confession was involuntary on the grounds she was young and not very bright,'' said Jon Anderson, assistant attorney general.
As a result of the Court of Appeals decision, the FCC began requiring non-dominant long distance carriers and Competitive Access Providers, including MFS Communications Company, Inc.
Banks says the absence of blacks at this level is particularly ominous, since "99% of federal cases don't go beyond the federal court of appeals.
A panel of the California Court of Appeals carefully considered and unanimously rejected the arguments raised in the Petition for Review.
The Court of Appeals affirmed using the real object test.
Supreme Court rejected an attempt by the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to "describe and delimit" factors that can be used to determine "reasonable suspicion.
A review of the three-most recent decisions by the Court of Appeals shows how difficult applying these standards can be for the courts.