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Synonyms for course

Synonyms for course

a method used in dealing with something

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

the compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves

to move freely as a liquid

Synonyms for course

a connected series of events or actions or developments


general line of orientation


Related Words

a line or route along which something travels or moves

a body of students who are taught together

(construction) a layer of masonry

facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport

hunt with hounds

as might be expected

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Our ability to commit ourselves to future courses of action by forming stable, future-directed intentions frees us from such difficulties.
An agent's intentions give rise to deliberative boundaries--that is, they dispose her to exclude certain courses of action from the range of possibilities she entertains in deliberation.
Exclusion: For any end, e, if an agent cares about e, then (whether or not the agent intends to bring about or promote or sustain e) the agent is disposed to exclude courses of action that she believes to be incompatible with e from the range of courses of action that she will entertain as options in practical deliberation.
In what follows, I will use the phrase "the deliberative boundary established by an agent's concern with e" to refer to that deliberative boundary manifested in the disposition that Exclusion describes: the disposition to exclude precisely those courses of action which the agent believes to be incompatible with e from the range of courses of action which she will entertain as options in practical deliberation.
Depending on the number of courses of action and the number of evaluation criteria for each, a tremendous amount of information can be generated.
On a chart, managers should list the evaluation criteria on the left side of the chart; the courses of action should be listed across the top.
In some cases, the information that relates to the evaluation criteria for two or more courses of action would rate the same value on an independent scale.
In the purely goal-directed decision the goal must be unambiguous and fixed before courses of action are presented to the decider.
Now, either (a) the course of action has been constructed to maximize goal attainment and therefore its selection is automatic, or (b) the alternative courses of action are measured in turn against the goal and that course of action deemed to maximize goalattainment is selected.
A third set refers to the activity of designing courses of action to achieve goals:
By considering all of the factors affecting the situation, determining and analyzing feasible sequences of action, and reviewing the estimates of support provided by supervisors and commodity managers, administrators can decide on the best courses of action to take to accomplish their stated objectives.
However, in light of certain events described below, the company intends to review various alternative courses of action and will in the future take such actions with respect to shareholder rights, as they deem appropriate in light of the American MultiCredit breach of agreement and plan of reorganization herein.
com helps federal managers analyze their specific personnel situations, determine possible courses of action, and develop a formal report for referral to Human Resources (HR).
The company, with the advice of counsel, is considering the alternative courses of action available to it, including, among others, the possibility of raising capital in order to satisfy the claim asserted by Balfour Financing and Investments Ltd.