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Synonyms for course

Synonyms for course

a method used in dealing with something

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

the compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves

to move freely as a liquid

Synonyms for course

a connected series of events or actions or developments


general line of orientation


Related Words

a line or route along which something travels or moves

a body of students who are taught together

(construction) a layer of masonry

facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport

hunt with hounds

as might be expected

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If, at every moment, facing an unsurveyably large range of possible courses of action, we had to ask ourselves a question no more limited than "what is the best thing that I could do right now?
Managers must ensure that they select criteria that are important and apply them equally to all courses of action.
It's not necessary that any predicted consequences exactly match the goal but only that they come closer than the consequences of other courses of action studied.
The coders used three major categories to describe the strategies for arriving at a course of action: constructing a new course of action, recognizing a standard course of action, and selecting among alternative courses of action.
With courses of action developed that included cost, schedule, and performance implications, the next step was to select one course for execution.
This avoids wasting time creating courses of action that their agencies' available assets cannot support.
Additionally, with two exceptions, the courses of action in the poll generated lower ratings as effective means of increasing shareholder value.
In such event, the Company would not be in a position to satisfy its obligations and would have to consider alternative courses of action, including, but not limited to, seeking protection under applicable bankruptcy laws.
It is Zila's policy to aggressively pursue all appropriate courses of action to protect the interest of Zila and its shareholders.
CSTI has instructed its legal counsel to advise it of the appropriate courses of action against this malicious action.
The Company's Schedule 13D indicates in part that the Company is reviewing whether or not it intends to pursue various alternative courses of action with respect to the management and operations of KSW with a view to increasing shareholder values.
I am confident that these strengths will continue to be cornerstones of our future success under any of the alternative courses of action that the Board will be considering," concluded Mr.
Potts, President, said, "Four weeks ago we stated that the Board continued to evaluate various courses of action to improve shareholder value and to provide liquidity to the Companys stock.
However, in light of certain events described below, the company intends to review various alternative courses of action and will in the future take such actions with respect to shareholder rights, as they deem appropriate in light of the American MultiCredit breach of agreement and plan of reorganization herein.