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a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey

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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a dog trained for coursing

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c Judge Stephen Hopkins QC jailed Byronr Hawkins a for eight months and Pauline Hawkins a for six months and told them: "PerjurP yr and perver rting the courser of justice strikesk at the very heart of the justice system.
Quite what our Brad and Jen would have made of the twitchers that descended on their retreat I don't know, but I only had eyes for the courser, which strutted its stuff in a sheep field in warm sun, with the wild blue Atlantic as a stunning backdrop.
16mtothewinner) Length7,204yar dsPa r70 Field 123 Courser ecords-72holes 259ZachJ ohnson(2010)18holes 61 KeithClear water(1993),L eeJanzen(1993),G regK raft(1999), JustinL eonard(2003), KennyPer ry(2003),ChadCamp bell(2004) Course winnerstaking part CoreyPavin(t wice),TomPurtzer, FultonAllem, SergioGar cia,S teveFlesch,TimHer ron,R ory Sabbatini,ZachJ ohnson,DavidToms Whentobet By2pmt omorrow Wheretowat ch LiveonS kyS portsfr om8pm tomorrow Timedif ference TexasissixhoursbehindtheUKandIreland Lastw eek-B yronNelsonChampionship 1J Dufner(22-1), 2DPride(250-1),JDurant(200-1),JBlixt(90-1), MLeishman(90-1),JJHenry(150-1) Courseover view Thereareonlyt wopa r-fives-thefirstandthe 11th-andthelatterisagenuinethr ee-shotholeat635yar ds.
17mtothewinner) Length7,166yar ds Par70Fie ld 156 Courser ecords-72holes 261RorySabbatini(2009) 18holes 61BillyMay fair(1993),CharlieR ymer(1996),Justin Leonard(2001),Camer onB eckman(2010) Course winnerstaking part NealLancaster,E rnie Els,Phil Mickelson,V ijaySingh,B rettW etterich,S cottVerplank,A dam Scott,RorySabbatini,Jas onDay,K eeganB radley Whentobet By1pmt omorrow Wheretowat ch LiveonS kyS portsfr om8pm tomorrow Timedif ference TexasissixhoursbehindtheUKandIreland Lastw eek-PlayersChampionship1MK uchar(55-1)T2Z Johnson(55-1),MLaird(150-1),RFow ler(50-1),BCur tis(80-1) Courseover view From1994,theTPCFourS easonsandthe CottonwoodVall eyCour sewereu sedf oraroundeach,w iththe final36holesp layedattheTP C,butfrom2008on wardsthe tournamenthasb eenplay edex clusivelyattheTP C.
71mtothewinner) Length7,220yar ds Par72 Field 144 Courser ecords-72holes 264G regNorman(2004) 18h oles 63Fr edCou ples(1992),G regNorman(1994) Course winnerstaking part DavisL ove(t wice),J ustinL eonard, TigerW oods,A damS cott,PhilMic kelson,Ser gioGar cia,Henrik Stenson,TimC lark,KJC hoi Whentobet Byn oont omorrow Wheretowat ch LiveonS kyS portsfr om6pm tomorrow Timedif ference Floridaisfivehour sbehindtheUKandIreland Lastw eek-WellsFar goChampionship 1RFowler(50-1), T2RMcIlr oy(8-1),DAP oints(225-1),4WSimps on(35-1), T5LWest wood(14-1),BCur tis(100-1),RM oore(80-1) Courseover view ThefamousP eteD yedesign,whichhashost ed thist ournamentsince1982,islikeMarmi te-youe itherl oveitor hatei t.
nd] State House districts left vacant due to the resignation and explusion of disgraced former lawmakers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.
Various cards like Born of Gods Booster Box, Born of the Gods Fat Pack, Brimaz King of Oreskos, Kiora - the Crashing Wave, Xenagos- God of Revels, Mogis- God of Slaughter, Courser of Kruphix, Temple of Enlightenment and Theros booster packs are available for sale.
He took the plea that the Special Court (SC) during the courser of hearing of high treason case against Pervez Musharraf had maintained that Pervez Musharraf was not arrested and he can move freely.
Oblongs should be considered for such applications as "de-sanding," where the fines are simply removed from the courser aggregate.
The Next Train to Depart is part of the Queen's Hall's Bitesize series of short (and touring) plays, for which you get the added bonus of a thoroughly lovely one courser in the venue's cafe ahead of the performance (or after if you opt for an afternoon ticket).
If your hair's feeling wiry, it's down to the fact that greys are often courser than pigmented hair, which can make it trickier to colour.
We gave it a smooth texture which a lot of people like and makes it different to other premium, courser sausages in the supermarket.
One could understand the level of anger the security men felt on hearing the news of that young police officer's death and many others injured while ending an armed fight between two families in the courser of their duties.
Best greyhound trained When I lived in Ireland I trained a courser for my dad [Ernie snr] called Caxton Commander.
He has played just five practice holes on the Hamilton Golf and Country Club courser.