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a series of lectures dealing with a subject

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His course of lectures on the history of Russia had a vast introduction based on archaeological and ethnographical data.
Rostovtsev in his general course of lectures on the history of the Ancient World and in a specialised course, 'Introduction to the archaeology of the West', tried to examine the phenomenon of ancient civilisation in the context of pan-European prehistory.
This work is the longest ever written by Berlin and he wrote it in 1950-1952 in preparation for a course of lectures he gave at Bryn Mawr College in the US.
The material is based upon a course of lectures and seminars in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics at the U.
Thanks to a course of lectures called The Sociology of Deviance, Harry was about to have his thesis published by Oxford University Press as he escaped.
The Community Outreach/Social Analysis & Action Program of the School of Education, Mount Saint Mary Campus, requires education students to spend 80 hours working in an approved community service organisation of their choice (supported by a course of lectures and a substantial handbook of reading materials).
200 YEARS AGO: Mr Handsford most respectfully informs the ladies and gentlemen of Birmingham and its vicinity, that he proposes to deliver a course of lectures on his grand orrery, as soon as 40 subscribers are obtained.
Based on a course of lectures, the essays tend to be self-contained, and there is a certain degree of repetition, especially between the two volumes.
Five years later he moved to New York, where he ``attended a course of lectures at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, graduating in 1830,'' according to a local history.
00--During the summer semester of 1941 Martin Heidegger gave a course of lectures on Grundbegriffe (Basic Concepts) at the University of Freiburg.
They explain such methods in a textbook based on a course of lectures they have given for graduate students of geophysics for the past decade.
This volume is based on the course of lectures on calculus and functional analysis and several special courses given by Lavrent'ev and Savel'ev at Novosibirsk State U.
Widder (1898-1990) drew material from a course of lectures that he gave now and then at Harvard on Dirichlet series and Laplace integrals, to explain the Laplace transform for students who have a fundamental knowledge of analysis, though proofs are included for those with only a little such knowledge.
Social anthropologist Fortes enlarged a short course of lectures into the first series of Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures that he delivered at the University of Rochester in the spring of 1963.