course of action

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But, before we can resolve upon any precise course of action, it will be necessary to see the girl; to ascertain from her whether she will point out this Monks, on the understanding that he is to be dealt with by us, and not by the law; or, if she will not, or cannot do that, to procure from her such an account of his haunts and description of his person, as will enable us to identify him.
Her subsequent course of action and evidence becomes obvious.
But while he belied Arthur's description, and appeared a gentle lamb rather than a wild man, he was racking his brains for a course of action.
I think you'd better head for the beach," George said abruptly, in a manner that told me his fear had forced him to make up his mind to some course of action.
But the light of that day's discovery, shining on these considerations, roused him to take a more decided course of action.
The great ordeal was in front of us; at last we were about to make our final effort, and yet Holmes had said nothing, and I could only surmise what his course of action would be.
Was there any ingenious plot, any hide-and-seek course of action, which might be detected by a careful telescopic watch?
Hale, when we say that we embark upon this course of action utterly devoid of animus.
He intended during the voyage to decide upon a course of action, but he held all this away from him for the present and lay in a blessed gray oblivion.
The Assistant Commissioner looked hard at him, and rose suddenly, as though having made up his mind to some course of action.
It is possible that I may be in a position then to indicate some course of action.
Lady Janet's course of action on entering the dining-room was in perfect harmony with Lady Janet's character.
It was not till I had pushed the paper away--not till, I am ashamed to say, I had almost allowed the vexation of my helpless position to conquer me--that a course of action suddenly occurred to my mind, which Sir Percival had probably not anticipated, and which might set me free again in a few hours.
We are to meet here in my study in half an hour and decide on our course of action.
There is now no longer any right course of action nor any self-devotion left among the Iranis.