course of action

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But, before we can resolve upon any precise course of action, it will be necessary to see the girl; to ascertain from her whether she will point out this Monks, on the understanding that he is to be dealt with by us, and not by the law; or, if she will not, or cannot do that, to procure from her such an account of his haunts and description of his person, as will enable us to identify him.
Had I been simply Theodore Vasilyevich my course of action would have been quite different, but it was my duty to safeguard my life and dignity as commander in chief.
Her subsequent course of action and evidence becomes obvious.
But while he belied Arthur's description, and appeared a gentle lamb rather than a wild man, he was racking his brains for a course of action.
I think you'd better head for the beach," George said abruptly, in a manner that told me his fear had forced him to make up his mind to some course of action.
For a day and a night Philip turned over in his mind with restless agitation all that Lucy had told him in that interview, till he had thoroughly resolved on a course of action.
Qadri said that announcement for the next course of action would be made on Wednesday.
Qadri had earlier warned the two PML-N leaders to resign by December 30 or else he would announce his future course of action, hinting at launching a protest drive to mount pressure on them to stand down.
In tossing out his first course of action, the poll tribunal did not give weight to Marcos' argument that Robredo's proclamation should be annulled as the conduct of the elections violated several provisions of Republic Act No.
By understanding the internal and external factors present an appropriate course of action for the client can be determined.
He said the Turkish President is likely to take him into confidence on these talks and then a future course of action will be decided.
Disposing of petitions by Mulayam and his family seeking review of the SC order of 2007, the bench stressed that there was no irregularity in the order, except for the direction to submit its probe report before the government for taking a decision on further course of action.
A 17-member consortium of bankers of beleaguered Indian private carrier, Kingfisher Airlines (NSE: KFA), will be meeting in Mumbai to establish the next course of action.
I believe that now BJP or NDA will discuss about this recent development and after that NDA will decide their course of action," Naqvi said.
This course of action could also spawn several subcourses of action.