course catalogue

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a catalog listing the courses offered by a college or university

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Another of the new options available within the Elite AMBT course catalogue is the school's 1-day marketing course.
This new addition to the company course catalogue highlights their exceptional ability to cater to the modern medical professional's unique requirements.
Serebra selected for its ease of use and extensive course catalogue
Serebra's LMS will meet APUC's budgetary requirements while offering an extensive course catalogue, both in French and English, and a system that is very easy to navigate.
com)-- One of the US's top airframe and powerplant schools, Carolina Aeronautical has recently announced that they have introduced their updated course catalogue for their upcoming 2012 fall semester.
The addition of this seminar to our course catalogue demonstrates how Dynamic I-T is utilizing its high-powered strategic resources and partnerships to remain on the cutting edge of our industry," stated Spencer Young, President and CEO of Dynamic I-T.
Fifth Era Knowledge continues to add to its course catalogue of e-learning and instructor led courses.
Siebel eTraining includes a course registration system, a course catalogue, curriculum planning, skills testing and a certification system.
Features include online mentors, links to relevant learning events and access to the industry's largest course catalogue.
Features include online mentors (SmartMentors), links to relevant learning events and access to the industry's largest course catalogue.
Once these interests have been identified, learn about expert/se of the local history faculty through college Web sites or course catalogues.
To keep pace with the fast, organic growth of university information online, an information retrieval solution must be able to return accurate, comprehensive search results from a diverse and distributed set of content including course catalogues, class lectures, sports schedules and library resources.
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