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West Indian locust tree having pinnate leaves and panicles of large white or purplish flowers

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Courbaril, winner of seven hurdles for Martin Pipe before embarking on a brief point-to- point career, revived former glories under the jockey who knows him so well when landing the claiming hurdle for Emma Lavelle and Tony McCoy, writes Neil Morrice.
Earlier formlines through Thursday's Ludlow winner Ionio, before a game Kempton victory over Monecot and Courbaril, give this son of Derby winner Slip Anchor a major chance.
Jatoba, also known as courbaril, is a hardwood from the West Indies and Central and South America.
Scientists believe the resin that eventually became Dominican amber came from Hymenaea protera, a tree closely related to today's West Indian locust tree, Hymenaea courbaril.
The schedule chosen for trial V1 was a preset schedule provided for jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril L.
In the night-pollinated and savannic Bauhinia curvula and Hymenaea courbaril (see Table 1), the exudate is exposed by cuticle disruption at night, when the temperatures are milder and relative humidity is higher (see Table 2), avoiding risk of dehydration.
The stigmatic surface is composed of unicellular simple short trichomes in Hymenaea courbaril (Figs, 1b and 4b); papillose cells in Bauhinia curvula (Figs, 1a and 4a), Caesalpinia echinata (Fig.
In the chiropterophilous species studied here the large size stigma of Hymenaea courbaril flower (approximately 1,000 [micro]m, see Table 2) and the large and conspicuous head-like inflorescences of Parkia pendula, with about 1,300 flowers (Hopkins, 1984; Fleming et al.
3), except Hymenaea courbaril, in which cuticle is thick at the papillae apex (Fig.
MS, Brazil (7,18) Hymenaea C Detarieae Ribeirao Preto, courbaril L.
A comparison of direct and indirect measures of gene flow in the bat-pollinated tree Hymenaea courbaril in the dry forest life zone of southwestern Puerto Rico.
Pollination of Hymenaea courbaril by frugivorous bats on the Pacific coast of Mexico.