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Synonyms for coup

Synonyms for coup

a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force

a brilliant and notable success

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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Parliament's Human Rights Commission in a statement on Sunday condemned London's role in masterminding the 1953 coup and the 2009 post-election unrests in Iran.
Syria, which did not fail to catch up with Iraq, saw three coups in 1949 that brought, successively, Hosni al-Zaim, Sami Hinawi, and Adib Shishakli to power.
Exhaust emissions and fuel economy have been improved significantly and the changes apply to all coup, cabriolet and Sportback versions.
Summary: Kenan Evren, the general who led a coup in Turkey in 1980, will give a statement next week to prosecutors investigating the putsch and the killings and arrests which followed it, media reports said Thursday.
Those who believe it was a military coup d'etat will not like the word 'good', while those who believe it was a 'constitutional transition of power' will not agree with the word 'coup.
Amidst these fears, al-MalikiAEs governing bloc consists of those who opt for coups d'tat, especially after they have already concurred with the old Baathists and officers of the former army.
General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Mauritania's coup leader, and head of the newly-formed supreme state council, has dismissed international condemnation of the military's dismissal of the government led by the country's first democratically elected president.
SANTA CLARITA -- Members of Santa Clarita's small Thai community worried Tuesday about family back home -- after the prime minister was overthrown in a bloodless military coup.
The reason why you don't hear about coups much is that they don't come off too frequently and they take a lot of planning and require the integrity of a whole lot of people who could blow the entire shooting match by indiscretion or greed.
From a selfish point of view and in the interests of driving exhilaration, what the Hyundai Coup really needed was a souped up turbo- charged or V6 version that could give some of the more expensive coups a very rude awakening.
LOCHHEAD Corporation, a strategic growth consulting firm, today unveiled the first annual list of Marketing Coups.
However, the employment of the current language of coups has no relationship to these military coups.
Serghini a signe une belle performance en decrochant la 4eme place apres avoir rendu une carte de 210 coups (-6 sous le Par), lors de cette competition remportee par le joueur Monegasque Sandro Piaget auteur de 10 coups sous le Par (J1:73, J2:68, J3:68) devancant l'Anglais Joshua White, auteur de 9 coups sous le Par (J1:65, J2:69, J3:73).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A recently published report by the Center for American and Arab Studies said that the coups in Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) countries are more fact than fiction.
Summary: The conventional wisdom that sub-Saharan Africa has moved beyond military coups may be wishful thinking.