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Synonyms for coupon



Synonyms for coupon

a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

a test sample of some substance

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Flash Sale 4 - Timing: 3PM-4PM CST; Coupon Code: FRIFLASH4
Marketers don't expect all coupons to be redeemed,'' says Charlie Brown, co-chair of the Coupon Council, a coupon advocacy group made up of retailers.
Over the last decade, coupon distribution has gotten a boost with the help of the Internet.
com This site offers coupons for groceries, baby needs, pets, beauty, and travel You can receive customized coupons by answering questions related to homeownership, education, income, children, and pets Once you log in, you can browse each of the five "aisles" for savings.
The content of the coupon or the advertising message is specified by the client- manufacturer.
Sales tax expense associated with coupon production costs can also vary, depending on how the coupons are distributed.
It is important to note that there are a number of maturity and coupon combinations that produce the same duration.
Shoppers Save In-store with "Show & Save" Coupons for Dozens of Top National Retailers
In addition to making more frequent shopping trips and spending more on grocery and household items annually, heavy digital coupon users are also spending more each time they shop.
com), the nation's largest direct-mail marketing company, distributes ShopWise coupons to more than 60 million households weekly throughout the United States.
In a different arena, manufacturers also are listening to consumer desire for savings through the Internet, as the report notes there are more than 25,000 stores currently participating in some form of online coupon program linked with their Web sites.
Despite changes in the way coupons are distributed and the decline in percentage of people actually using them, the redemption rate nevertheless remains a steady 2 percent, according to a report released by the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) on the status of couponing.
Digital Coupons Leader Teams With Bloggers on Five-Day Hunt for Online Coupon Codes
para]]San Francisco's New Claim to Fame: Coupon Capital[[/para]]
Here's how Macy's Benefit Shopping Day works: Customers can buy $10 coupon books from a participating nonprofit organization, or from the Pasadena Macy's store.