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Synonyms for coupling

a point or position at which two or more things are joined

Synonyms for coupling

a connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together

a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects

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Designed to withstand high torque spikes found in grinding mills and heavy duty variable frequency drive applications, the Airflex Torque Limiting Coupling utilizes automatic reset and re-engage and automatic wear compensation to help safeguard expensive driveline components.
The report also provides the breakdown and review of the various factors affecting the growth of the hydraulic thermoplastic hose and couplings market, appropriately described as market drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
Plant engineers plan shutdown maintenance with tight timeframes, yet they struggle to identify couplings by make, model, serial number, stock code, manufacturer's part number, etc.
This allows a high level of flexibility in terms of disengagement torque as well as coupling size and design.
Purpose developed software enables Bibby to offer the couplings with fibre windings at angles adjusted to give the optimum performance for specific lateral critical, torque and torsional stiffiless requirements.
If that happens, the couplings can pop loose when you try to launch the bridge.
After the gear shaped, the frontal couplings can be classified in: frontal coupling with spur gear, named Hirth coupling, frontal coupling with helical gear, frontal coupling with curve gear (cycloid), named Oerlikon or Klingerber coupling, and frontal coupling with curved gear in circle arc and crowned (spherical), named Gleason gear.
The couplings have deep tapered sockets providing more surface contact for stronger solvent weld joints.
KLAW INDUSTRIAL COUPLINGS Utilised in all industrial product transfer installations, the industrial breakaway coupling is specifically designed to be able to activate with a tensile force being applied at an angle to the plane of the coupling housing up to 90 degrees.
Stone in [1] gives Nature's coupling constants, the fine structure constant and the weak angle, and a single mass formula for the W, the proton, the electron and electron generations all as functions of [(4[pi]).
Rigid couplings do not accommodate misalignment and consequently should not be used indiscriminately.
Oil couplings were being manufactured on manual lathes or NC machines in 1977 when ES.
The original design of the power plant incorporated gear-type couplings, which allowed axial movement of the shafts, thereby increasing the wear on the gears and other components (such as the motor sleeve bearings), which, in turn, tended to fail prematurely.
New Insta-Lok compression couplings from H-P Products, Inc.
For example, there is no requirement for maintaining equal laser couplings to each ion as in the previous, two qubit gate.