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Mattar and colleagues (17) took 440 swabs prior to decontamination from the keyboard, probe, probe holder and ultrasound coupling gel.
Nosocomial outbreak of Klebsiella pneumonia producing SHV-5 extended-spectrum betalactamase, originating from contaminated ultrasonography coupling gel.
To establish good contact between the eye and transducer can use coupling gel on the eyelids and then after each ultrasonography washing it with saline solution [3,7].
Four strip electrodes prepared with coupling gel (Couplant D; Panametrics, NDT, Waltham, Massachusetts) on their bottom surfaces and 24-gauge multistranded wire attached to the tab on each were applied to the copper-tape pieces, two on each piece.
The HDP/LASN and TDP/QLLQ antibodies were affinity purified on a Thiol coupling gel column (QCB Inc.