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Synonyms for coupling

a point or position at which two or more things are joined

Synonyms for coupling

a connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together

a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects

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Chapter Six Market Forecast of 2014-2019 Global and China Fluid Coupling Industry 6.
In that technique, scientists shine on the material a coupling laser tuned to a frequency slightly different from that of the laser pulse entering the material.
Recent years have seen the introduction of a whole new class of rigid coupling products that perform efficiently in a broad array of applications.
The recently completed multi-client market study, Coupling Agents, Surface Treatments, Modified Fillers, and Fibers - Value Added Opportunities in Plastics, provides a detailed technical assessment and analysis of the drivers and new developments that will affect the demand for coupling agents/surface treatment additives, performance minerals, and fibers in plastics in North America.
Much of the use of coupling agents has focused on polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon due to the non-polar properties of these polymers.
Serving industry since 1936, Perfecting Coupling Company is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive line of pneumatic and hydraulic couplings.
Designed for easy installation while accomplishing a tight, long-lasting seal, assembly of American Couplings compression fittings is a snap.
These new, no-spill flatface couplings meet or exceed the ISO 16028 interchange and performance standard adopted in 1999.
The new coupling suits both above and below ground use on potable water supplies, and is available in a variety of different configurations to service a broad range of conditions.
The MagnaDrive Coupling is designed for constant speed applications up to 1000 HP, such as conveyors, where low cost, easy installation, efficient torque transfer without vibration, overload torque protection, cushioned start and stop, misalignment tolerance and low maintenance are desired.
Connectionless" Optical Coupling Seen as an Enabling Technology for
Ultima Nautilus-SI identifies signal integrity problems caused by coupling and IR-drop effects in two million gate and above cell-based designs.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 15, 1996--Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) today announced the HDS Voyager Coupling Facility Offerings, a series of products designed to support users of the Parallel Sysplex architecture.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 1995--Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) will ship Coupling Links for its HDS GX 8000 Series processors in 4Q95, the company said today.