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Synonyms for therapy



Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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From traditional behavioral couples therapy to integrative behavioral couples therapy: New research directions.
In couples therapy, the emotional intensity of the couple's dynamics doesn't give you that luxury.
Marett (1988) examined published research regarding the use of group therapy in treating couples and found it as effective as individual and conjoint approaches to couples therapy.
Behavioral couples therapy will serve as the training topic for this study because therapists are generally interested in this treatment and because there is good evidence of the therapy's effectiveness, according to Dr.
Drew," " VH1 Couples Therapy " is the first reality show to examine firsthand the real life experiences of a group of buzzed-about couples.
They need to switch from retail therapy to couples therapy I think.
Founded by Kellye Laughery in 2010 The Center for Family Unity specializes in Family Therapy, Blended Families, Couples Therapy, Repair after an Affair, Children Therapy, Premarital Counseling, and Christian Counseling.
For more than five years, she has owned and run Magic Valley Counseling Center, in Fairfield, Idaho, where she specializes in adult, adolescent, and couples therapy, as well as school anxiety and career counseling.
assemble 66 chapters that use one hypothetical case to demonstrate the applications of various family therapy models, namely psychoanalytic/experiential, intergenerational, structural and strategic, brief therapy, narrative, collaborative, integrative, psychoeducational, and couples therapy models.
Family-based interventions such as Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT), which has the strongest empirical support for its effectiveness (O'Farrell & Fals-Stewart, 2003), aim to do just that.
Meanwhile, David and Keith are in couples therapy - their indulgent discussions about their relationship get pretty dull.
As Ellen told this magazine six months ago, "We went to couples therapy .
By adding this dimension to couples therapy, the process is enriched for both the therapist and the couple.
LifeSTAR provides individuals and couples therapy to people struggling with pornography and other compulsive sexual addictions.