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Synonyms for couple

husband and wife

couple something to something


  • link to
  • connect to
  • pair with
  • unite with
  • join to
  • hitch to
  • buckle to
  • clasp to
  • yoke to
  • conjoin to

couple something with something


  • combine with
  • accompany by
  • mix with
  • join with
  • unite with
  • compound with
  • amalgamate with
  • incorporate with
  • link with

Synonyms for couple

two items of the same kind together

two persons united, as by marriage

to join one thing to another

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to engage in sexual relations with

Synonyms for couple

a pair who associate with one another

a pair of people who live together

a small indefinite number

(physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines

bring two objects, ideas, or people together

link together

Related Words

form a pair or pairs

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Female homosexuals who have achieved coupledom tend to approximate this arrangement far more closely than do male homosexuals--even those male homosexuals who remain together for life (and who are, by the way, much fewer in number).
At the start of the episode showing his wedding to Greg, Rob makes a casual comment about kicking out men he and his partner have picked up for the night; this suggests a quite non-heteronormative (although fairly common) approach to non-monogamous coupledom.
With Last Wedding, he has made his most complex work to date, one that mixes humour, pain and down-and-dirty sex with tongue-in-cheek lectures on Canadian literature, architecture and, believe it or not, a minimalist car chase, all of which serve to further his explorations of the ins and outs of coupledom.
312) Some call this phenomenon the "tyranny of coupledom.
Coupledom - More couples and newlyweds sent holiday photo cards featuring their favorite wedding pictures or highlights from another year of being together.
They've shown they can manage a coupledom - and the press attention - expertly, and now they can use that experience to steer all the kids in the right direction.
And at the age of 55 the former model was moving in with her toyboy lover and looking forward to a life of cosy coupledom.
But before we roll our eyes and think "how very 1950s", fear not, the PM is PC in his celebration of coupledom.
The majority of women (53%) say they like to wait until an official declaration of coupledom.
CELEB COUPLEDOM Come up with a list of famous couples (like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Katy Perry and Russell Brand).
That's how long it has taken the Curse Of Emmerdale to send Moira and John Barton from loved-up coupledom to near break-up.
In stark contrast with the fictional character Bridget Jones and her disastrous quests for coupledom, these busy go-getters have given up on speed dating, told their friends to forget setting them up with yet another boring dud, and are spending their precious time spoiling themselves.
Through his alter ego's anxieties and ambivalences, Maupin articulates multiple points of view about many controversial (or at least complicated) issues--monogamy, coupledom, gay marriage, intergenerational love, transsexuality, sex clubs, cruising on the Web, religious fundamentalism, and the like.
Can "our lives together" in "Caught," the preceding poem, then be read as signifying anything beyond the redoubt of coupledom, even if these lines in their amplitude of cadence had for a moment embraced a possible throng?
Wade), claiming a political stake in an erotics beyond the regimes of heteronormativity and coupledom.