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Synonyms for couple

husband and wife

couple something to something


  • link to
  • connect to
  • pair with
  • unite with
  • join to
  • hitch to
  • buckle to
  • clasp to
  • yoke to
  • conjoin to

couple something with something


  • combine with
  • accompany by
  • mix with
  • join with
  • unite with
  • compound with
  • amalgamate with
  • incorporate with
  • link with

Synonyms for couple

two items of the same kind together

two persons united, as by marriage

to join one thing to another

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to engage in sexual relations with

Synonyms for couple

a pair who associate with one another

a pair of people who live together

a small indefinite number

(physics) something joined by two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines

bring two objects, ideas, or people together

link together

Related Words

form a pair or pairs

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The fixture is immersed in a liquid couplant, generally water, mixed with a rust inhibitor.
His approach is based on the theory that the "optimum couplant concentration defines optimum dispersion and the most efficient packing of particles.
Nous avons construit notre etude en couplant, pour citer celles utilisees ici, des donnees d'entretiens semi-directifs (44) et des dialogues extraits de forums Internet (2775 tours de paroles traitant d'odeurs) concernant l'espace domestique, le corps et la cuisine.
After extensive preliminary testing of various couplants, a gel couplant was used.
The probes operated continuously at 200[degrees]C without ultrasonic couplant and cooling.
Moreover, in Rayleigh wave-based reciprocity calibration, the sensor is mainly submitted to a normal vibration velocity because the fluid couplant strongly attenuates the in-plane component of the vibration [15].
Relative attenuation of the ultrasonic signal through the thickness (center web) was measured using 500 kHz transducers and a high-temperature couplant as the specimen cooled from 121[degrees]C to room temperature.
The gauge is supplied as a complete kit including the probe, couplant and spare membranes in its own carry case and comes with a two-year warranty.
Zarka nous montre qu'en couplant historiographie et politique, Vico remplace la conception anhistorique de l'heroisme pour l'analyser comme contingence historique, c'est-a-dire comme mode d'etre particulier a l'epoque aristocratique.
A thin layer of transducer couplant was applied to the tip of the delay line and aluminum platen surface prior to assembly of the test cell which was determined to be filled when contact with the aluminum was observed ultrasonically.
Currently a couplant (a mixture of glycerin and water) must be added to the bolt head to facilitate the transmission of sound waves through the head.
Unlike UT and eddy current testing, MIB "sees" through fly ash and other wall build-up and so requires no pre-cleaning of the water wall, such as sandblasting; it also requires no couplant.
EMAT UT is well-suited for use with robotic tools because no couplant or liquid product is required to be present in the line in order to conduct inspections.
In order to have a good signal path, silicone gel was used as the couplant between the sensors and the tube surfaces.
Coupling to smooth surfaces is relatively easy, requiring only a small amount of liquid couplant and slight finger pressure.