coup de theatre

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a dramatic surprise

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a sensational bit of stagecraft

a highly successful theatrical production

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Odds: French Fifteen (2/1), Xanadou (9/4), Gregorian (11/4), Sofast (7/2), Aesop's Fables (8/1), Caspar Netscher (8/1), Arnold Lane (12/1), Coup De Theatre (14/1)
His girth is played down, apart from a wonderful coup de theatre when a huge tablecloth-cum-napkin is rolled up and stuffs his shirt to the enhancement of his portliness.
The Censor features what can only be politely described as quite a supremely unsettling coup de theatre involving an act normally performed in the solitude of the smallest room.
Stephen Medcalf, the director, has a brilliant coup de theatre at the very opening, and the Buxton Opera House is exactly the right size, remembering howoperas are often lost in our large provincial theatres.
While the word is French, the past-time is international and there are many varieties: a coup d'etat is when a small group overthrow an existing government; coup de grace, when you end the suffering of a mortally wounded person, usually by removing his head from his body; coup de theatre - a sensational turn of events; and coup de main, a sudden forceful manual attack as favoured by Mike Tyson.
It is a stunning coup de theatre by a man whose work always served the narrative.
It is through Mocenigo that we hear about Melchior's past in Ragusa, on the Dalmatian coast (today's Dubrovnik), with details preparing the final coup de theatre in the closing chapter, "La lie du calice.
Participating shows include: 42nd Street, Aida, Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast, Berkshire Village Idiot, Blue Man Group, The Boy from Oz, Cabaret, Carnival Knowledge, Chicago, De La Guarda, The Donkey Show, The Exonerated, Fame on 42nd Street, Forbidden Broadway, Gypsy, Hairspray, I Love You You're Perfect Now Change, Kiki & Herb: Coup de Theatre, The Lion King, Listen to My Heart: The Songs Of David Friedman, Little Shop of Horrors, Mamma Mia
L' enquete sur le crash de l'Airbus A320 de Germanwings dans les Alpes francaises a connu jeudi un coup de theatre avec la revelation par la justice francaise que le copilote avait sans doute volontairement provoque la perte de l'avion en le precipitant contre la montagne.
Sauf coup de theatre, il annoncera la date ou il deposera au Conseil de securite un projet de resolution reclamant la fin, d'ici a deux ans, de l'occupation israelienne des territoires palestiniens.
Dans un coup de theatre, le Parlement est definitivement dissous sur verdict de la Haute Cour administrative.
And, here's the ever-popular coup de theatre, the suits shuffle off via the wings and go bully family friends and hangers on who, though they don't say it out loud, see their taskmasters as Mugwumps.
And in a Grand Guignol coup de theatre that drew titters on Apr.
stunning coup de theatre of the couple's tanglement in the food